Sweet N Low

Sweet N Low was one of the first embryo transfer products of Dickinson Embryo Lab in the early eighties. She was by Classic out of Rose Red. On her 24 month birth day she measured 48" T2T. No other TL female had achieved this measurement. Johnny Hoffman had a cow named Delta Diamond who was an inch or two under Sweet N Low. Johnny would measure his cow and call and see if we would measure Sweet N Low to see if Delta Diamond was catching up. It was normal that cattle in the northern climates could not grow horn as fast as cattle in southern areas where green grass was available all year. In the north we had to have better genetics than in the south to equal the environmental advantage.

On Her two year old birthday we gave her a birthday party and a special corn and molasses cake with 2 candles. This is the Dickinson family, Charlene Semkin and family members in 1982. Sweet N Low held the horn record as long as we owned her. She was purchased Allan Sparger agent of Betty Lamb for $114,000 and we did not get any more horn data. She is a full sib to Dixie Rebel, Dixie Hunter, Katz Meow and 28 other embryo transfer calves from Rose Red.