The Shadow 11648 I-215182

The Shadow

The Shadow -- was born 6-6-1991 at Dickinson Cattle Co (DCCI) of Ellicott, Colorado. His sire was Senator and dam was Good Friday. He was a birth weight of 64 lb, a dark red calf, yet with time he slicked off to a dark seal brown, nearly black, a very rich color.

The Shadow, while nursing his dam was sold to an attorney Tim McCollum of Tollhouse, California and went out there by truck, with a starter herd of registered Longhorns. Had he stayed at DCCI most late born red calves would promptly enter a career in the steer roping arena. The McCollums did not buy a bull so in time The Shadow became the sire of calves from his sisters and his dam. In 1997 he was purchased from McCollum. A DCCI truck was sent to California and he was transported to Colorado. The spring of -97 was his first breeding season that The Shadow was not totally servicing his own family. That had been somewhat ignominious.

Tim McCollum was a hard negotiator. He called several times as The Shadow was developing at 3, 4 and 5 years announcing that he was the best and largest horned TL bull ever (65") and over a ton. This is data that can't be ignored, yet the price McCollum asked was a record for the breed. Finally, with time, a deal was struck whereby several cattle and an unrelated herd sire were used as part of the purchase to get The Shadow. (This full account of the Life and Times of The Shadow is recorded in the eBook that can be bought from Amazon - FILLET OF HORN II).

As he matured, his huge body, great massive horn spread and wonderfully correct conformation became known well in the cattle industry. His first group of calves arrived in the spring of 1998, and while everyone was optimistic, no one realized how well-formed and valuable his offspring would become. Many were black and dark rich value colors with decor white chrome patterns.

At the time of his death, many regarded The Shadow as the leading Texas Longhorn sire in the nation. It is believed that more of his semen was marketed during that decade than any other TL bull. His natural breeding life at DCCI was only 6 seasons. He is survived by over 800 progeny including more notably: Shadowizm, Shadow Rula, Shadow's Reflection, Bogus Bonus, Shadow Spear, Shadow Sniper, Mile Marker, Texas Tornado, Shadow Thorn, SHR Jubilee, Shadow Sequoia, Shadow Pueblo and most well known the clone cow Shadow Jubilee who sold for $120,000. Shadow Jubilee measures over 90" T2T and one of her clones M Arrow Shadow Jubilee measures 91."

Today The Shadow has several over 80" progeny and is found in the pedigrees of famous cattle including Sequoia Man (103" T2T), Drag Iron, Jamster, Jamakizm, Becca II, Miss Juliette, Mo-Reflect-Bar, Win By A Mile, Super All Over, etc.

On June 7, 2003, a memorial service was held at Dickinson Cattle Co of Barnesville, Ohio for celebration of The Shadow's life. Cattle producers from 11 states and Costa Rica attended the services conducted by Dr. William Mummert of Gettysburg, PA. A special tombstone was prepared to immortalize the famous sire that read... THE SHADOW, Psalms 112:9c "his horns shall be exalted with honor."

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