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Bob Loomis

Bob Loomis - I knew Bob Loomis from the Quarter Horse business. Everybody else who was paying attention to world class reining horses knew Bob. I used to call Bob and talk about Texas Longhorn cattle when he lived in Nebraska. He had an interest but his horse business was very good and taking all his energy. About twice a year I talked to Bob on the phone. The cattle mesmerized Bob. He was fascinated by Texas Longhorns. Finally I encouraged him to attend the Gathering Sale at Houston. He bid $6200 on a Rural Delivery embryo daughter of Doherty 698, while his wife was increasingly shocked at his high bid. W. O. Marquess bought her for one bid more. Bob said he regretted that he did not bid again. He had an eye for quality and it was unstoppable.

It was fun to see Bob buy his first cattle from Dwight Van Dorn who was heir to the Sonic Drive Inn franchise. Dwight had bought all his first cattle from Dickinson Cattle Co. As Bob has used his same keen eye for great horses of value, he has the same eye for Texas Longhorns. I am proud to have had some little part in encouraging Bob into the Texas Longhorns business.

This photo was taken about 1988 when Bob flew in from Oklahoma for the day, to Colorado Springs to look at DCCI cattle. It is always a joy to show cattle to people with an educated eye who know pedigrees and anatomy.

In my book Fillet Of Horn and eBook Fillet of Horn II, there is a story of Red McCombs coming to the ranch in 1979 and buying a semi full of cattle. Our car was so old and worn out Red caught his pants on a spring in the passenger side seat and ripped a triangular hole in his hip pant area.

The ranch has not always been well blessed with fancy vehicles. As Texas Longhorns got more valuable, instead of buying fancy cars, we normally bought more land and cattle. For a couple years, during the time that Bob visited the herd, our temporary plan was to go to the airport to pick up cattle buyers, in an old rusty pickup, leave it in the rental car lot and lease a brand new Lincoln Town Car for the day. Back at that time if you brought it back full of gas it was about $45 per day. I would show cattle all day, keep the buyers comfortable, not have them straddle ropes and tool boxes. We treat them in a professional way that they truly deserved. After we finished looking at cattle for sale I took buyers back to the airport, got my rusty old truck, and drove home.

This was one of those rental cars that we had the day Bob visited the ranch. We got a different color every time just by luck of the draw. Bob did not buy anything so I lost my $45, but the next time he visited the ranch he bought our Unlimited bull. The rest of the Loomis story is history. Bob now has one of the most profitable Texas Longhorn breeding businesses of anyone in the industry. Texas Longhorns have rewarded his fascination.

I realize people like Bill Hudson, Red McCombs, Felix Serna, Brent Bolen, John Stockton, Ron Marquess and Bear Davidson don't have to rent a car to show cattle. It is just what we did in 1988 in appreciation of our important guests to the ranch. They deserved the best and always will.

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