Fitted Halter 21

Fitted Halter

When I was working out the pattern for the "Fitted" halter, this shot was taken of Impressive showing the way a halter should fit a Quarter Horse. The same halter pattern had been used on Man O War and draft horses for hundreds of years. The Quarter Horse had a more brilliant head and it needed to be displayed. I worked on this pattern and carried one with me on all photo shoots. Here are points to evaluate a correct fitting halter to make the most of a head.

1) The nose piece should cut directly in the middle between the nose and eye. 2) The horizontal jaw piece should cut half way between the bottom jaw and horizontal between the eyes. It should split the middle. 3) Where these connect should be "T" hardware to form a perfect T. 4) Nothing should hang below the jaw or throat. 5) The ring below the ear should have such placement that the strap behind the ears "never" slides back on the neck. 6) No lead chain should show up the jaw. 7) Lots of silver helps hide a bad head. A great head is best displayed with minimal silver.

It was very hard to explain this to QH show people in 1970. Now the pattern is fairly closely accepted.

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