Chev 25


Let me introduce you to "Chev." Chev got his first 140,000 miles in raw abuse and was bought by DCCI from ebay.

Chev served the ranch well and then a lady pulled out in front of Chev, driven by Ray and made a personal connection right in front of the Sub Sandwich shop in Barnesville. Although Chev had been ill treated on the ranch, the insurance decided to total him. As part of the settlement Chev was purchased after the insurance payment by the ranch for scrap price with the stipulation to never license him again. Some parts of Chev are rusted off, some are dented by cattle, the doors work fine if you attache them correctly with bungee cords. Chev started every day even down to -20 during the winter -- some times with jumper cables, sometimes totally on his on power. The tires are worn nearly to the air. The radiator has holes, but they are patched. The water that goes in Chev stays where the water is supposed to stay and the oil and gas stay in their own places. The cows love Chev because he carries good feed. The air conditioner worked at about the turn of 195,000 miles and the interior is warm if the windows are up during the winter. Dogs, kids and cowboys love Chev because, like an old saddle, Chev is comfortable and don't argue.

Thank you Chev for being a true American who has earned his TLC. When you meet Chev on Muskrat road, wave at the driver but allow plenty of passing room, as the steering wheel is really lose.

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