Hunts Command Respect - Embryos

Hunts Command Respect - Embryos 8

Hunts Command Respect - Embryos

Hunts Command Respect ~~ for some time the leading horn sire HCR was not available in frozen semen. In 2110 there was a special semen offer of 4 straws for $1200. Doug Hunt sent the 4 straws to DCCI. With just 4 precious valuable straws it was a serious thing to plan how to get the most of it. Right away 3 straws were used to flush the DCCI 86" T2T horned cow Jester. She flushed well. Two eggs were placed hot and the bull Jest.Com was born, now owned by Pat Smith of N.D. And a second bull, Jest Hunt who was purchased by David Brown. A frozen egg was placed in 2011 and a beautiful brindle speckled female, Jest Respect was born and resides at DCCI today. In 2012 the 4th straw was used on Win Glass and the bull Respect Win was born and is now for sale on the DCCI ranch inventory list. In 2013 three more of the Jester X HCR frozen eggs were placed in Buelingo recip cows and the calf pictured and two other speckled calves also resulted. Next week yearling Buelingo heifers will be prepared to receive the 7 remaining HCR X Jester eggs. Although nothing is certain with frozen embryos, we are hoping for 11 calves from the original 4 straws purchased.

Our son Joel does all the AI and organizes the embryo flushes. In doing flushes at DCCI since 1979 we have found the weather is a big thing -- you can't fight the weather. In Ohio never flush during stressing cold weather. The months of April through October are normally not too hot and excellent results happen. Embryos are tender -- don't cook the eggs and expect them to live.

Thanks Doug Hunt for providing 4 good semen straws on your HCR bull.

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