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"KING" -- In the early seventies I paid several visits to Battle Island Ranch, the vast estate of the J. G. "Jack" Phillips, Jr family. When nearly every bull in the industry was under 40" T2T, on my first trip to Jack Phillip's I saw 4 bulls over 40." That was an early treasure find of huge horn. The cattle were also large framed. The Phillips cattle had been bred for frame, bone and size, but often were dull, pale and subtle colors. I went crazy until I could get some Phillips cattle and eventually acquired 6 cows and leased Texas Ranger. That was a start in developing the greatest part of the Texas Longhorn foundation blood -- Texas Ranger. His top horn spread was a fudge over 48" T2T and that was the largest in the nation.

Jack would not let go of his Texas Ranger daughters. He had some that were low lateral horned with tight cork screw twists. He would not sell them. I begged him to price Miss Texas Ranger 262 and he would not budge. I thought she was his best.

Once I showed up at Battle Island and T. D. "Terry" Kelsey was there ahead of me. Terry found out where Texas Ranger came from and was camping at Phillips, eating a lot of Carolyn's cooking. Terry lived near us in Colorado and later became one of the greatest sculptors in the world - a highly talented person. In fact, about a dozen years later Terry sculpted the Texas Gold Monument and donated it to TLBAA at no charge. It is one of the world's 10 largest bronze pieces.

We were riding through the pastures, Jack was driving, and all of a sudden an armadillo crossed in front of us. Terry had never seen one, but jumped out of the truck and chased him around trees, in and out of mud and finally caught him by the tail. After a lengthy chase the armadillo was exhausted and so was Terry. Terry wouldn't quit until he caught him.

During this pasture tour I saw Miss Texas Ranger 262, a Texas Ranger daughter. Once again I ask Jack her price and it was too late -- Terry had bought her the day before. Sometimes genetics are impossible to get, and it takes extra time. I waited. Then, at the Texas Ranger Memorial sale, which Terry was an organizer, in 1980 she was consigned. It was my chance to get her. Lowell Goemmer also wanted her and bid me up to $3500. She was bred to Royal Mount by Texas Lin and had a red bull spring of 1981. (See the YouTube on "King"

I had some special dignified names picked out for special bulls. They were Classic, Impressive, Emperor, Monarch, Conquistador, and King. We named this red bull "King" spelled with quotation marks. We had already used most of the other special names. "King" was red, and red was not popular. It was not a high dollar color. Prior to "King" we had introduced Classic who was white, and white was not popular. There were hundreds of white cattle. We promoted "King" as the antidote - he was the white corrector - the fixer, and he could reduce the white. Not only could he kill the bold whites, he weighed over a ton and had more horn than the famous horn leader, Classic. It was a beautiful blend putting a lot more size in this new generation -- the Phillips size. He was the first mid sixties horned bull combined with over a ton weight.

"King" was bred natural to over 100 cows per year by DCCI for 5 years. He sired Whelming King who was Ben Gravett's top sire for years, Queen of Kings TLBAA World Champion, Kingly Blend the grand dam of Super Bowl, King's Lin JWT the dam of famous clone cow Overlyn owned by Burton/Stockton and he sired the big guy Zhivago. When Zhivago became available King had replaced himself. I offered him to Blacky Graves, as his herd was almost all white, and on the small side. I knew this would be a blend from heaven for Blacky, but he would not cough up the money. Carroll and Paula Shores bought him for their herd at Ben Arnold, Texas. They used him several years and raised some wonderful progeny. Joe Assad used him one season and then he was purchased by El Coyote. El Coyote used "King" then sold him at auction and Mickey Wood bought him at age 14 for $8,700. That was a big price for a bull that age in 1995. At the time people doubted that any bull of any breed had brought that price at that age.

"King" may be spotted back in pedigrees of TCC Shutterbug, Becca II, Jester, Clear Win, PCC Rim Rock, Field Of Pearls, Drag Iron, Over Kill, Tempter, etc. Remember "King" is always correctly spelled with quotation marks. Any other King is not the "King."

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