Reg#: 39892

DOB: 1987

Breeder: George Gilman

Owner: George Gilman

Weight: 1920

Horns: 49" (mature)

Photo Age: 2 yrs.



Bail Jumper




Texas Toro

Calico Gal

Rangers Measles


Rexas Ranger JP



Ranger Yet


Texas Ranger JP


Two Tone

Miss Brazos Belle 182nd

Better Yet




BUCKSHOT - is sired by World Champion Get of Sire, Bail Jumper & his dam is Ranger Yet by Texas Ranger.  Buckshot is a speckled, gold & bronze coloration with very complete quality type.  He has sired some beautiful females with very straight backs & very correct structure.  He is much like the famous Measles Super Ranger, yet his horns are slightly longer with much more body size.  A Buckshot daughter produced Boomerang who was the great horned bull of the TLBAA 2000 show circuit.

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