Doherty 698

Reg#: 14983

DOB: 3-15-77

Breeder: Consol Coal, Cadiz, OH

Owner:  Tri-W 

Weight: 1380

Horns: 65"(age 11)

Doherty 698 { Señor Mulege { WR 2308 { WR 1790
WR 1005
WR 2269 { WR 963
     WR 1475
Wright 489 { Larry 107 { Wright Bull
Wright Cow
Jaque 24 { Wright Bull
Wright Cow

DOHERTY 698 - is by most accounts considered the best or one of the best producers ever. She has produced numerous truly great sires including: Phenomenon, Tri-W Ladys Man, Overwhelmer, etc.. She is even more appreciated for her female production strength.

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