Don Abraham


DOB: 1982

Breeder: Wright Ranches

Owner: Dickinson Ranch

Weight: 1880

Horns: 48-3/4"

Photo Age: 4 yrs.

Don Abraham


Don Quixote


WR 1882


WR 1156

WR 1064

WR 1878


WR 1558


WR 1593

Damn High




Boulder 509

Tiger Stripe

Ma Kettle


Chico 4


DON ABRAHAM - is a son of Don Quixote, out of the famous Wright cow #1042.  His beautiful mother sold for $30,000 & produced Don Abraham after the time of her purchase.  Don Abraham is the sire of Abraham the All Age Grand Champion bull at the World Show in 1995.  Don Abraham is more highly appreciated for his ability to sire wonderful females than herd sires.  Use him for type, black, and trim necks.

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