Not Gunna

Reg#:  I-00202682

DOB: 5/17/91

Breeder: DCCI

Owner: DCCI

Weight: 1940

Horns: 58-5/8"

Birth Weight: 57 Lbs.

Not Gunna { Gunner { Texas Star { Texas Ranger JP
Belle Star 31
Superior Symbol { Superior
     Rangers Measles
Not Dot { Jet Jockey { Bail Jumper
Better Yet
Not Enough Ranger { Texas Ranger Jr.
Not Too Shabby

NOT GUNNA - is sired by Gunner, out of a daughter of World Champion, Jet Jockey.  He is well appreciated for his over 58" horn spread at age four, plus a very smooth profile & very trim offspring.  In the Texas Longhorn Journal January/February 1996 issue industry wide survey, he was voted the young sire that was most likely to make the most contribution in the next ten years. Not Gunna is a beautiful blend of many of the greatest cattle in the history of the breed.  His strength of genetics is phenomenal.  His calves are consistantly straight backed, trim and pretty.  Use him on rough, coarse cows to get smooth progeny.

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