Reg#: T-4852

DOB: 4/1/78

Breeder: Darol & Linda Dickinson

Owner: George Gilman

Weight: 1860

Horns: 51-3/4"

Impressive { Don Quintanna { Don Quixote { WR 1882
WR 1878
Twisty Matilda { Texas Ranger JP
     Cream WR 2643
Rangers Measles { Texas Ranger JP { Two Tone
Brazos Belle 182nd
Measles { WR 2161
WR 2495

IMPRESSIVE - was sired by Don Quintana, out of Ranger's Measles.  He was born in 1978 & still commands the respect of the show ring, the auction ring & the embryo laboratory.  His calves are still capable of winning under the toughest competition & often are beautiful black & white speckled, like Impressive.  Many of the very expensive cows in the industry have been flushed for embryo transfer with Impressive due to his very correct type, perfectly straight back, very trim underline, 51" horn & a beautiful perfectly balanced body.  He was the correct blend of Don Quixote with Texas Ranger & Measles breeding.  Use him for correct "Measles" type - black speckled show calves.

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