Jet Set

Reg#: 214202

DOB: 11/24/89

Breeder: John T.L. Jones Jr.

Owner: Golden Acres Farm

Weight: 1890

Horns: 61"

Photo Age: 9

Jet Set


Bail Jumper




Texas Toro

Calico Gal

Ranger's Measles


Texas Ranger JP



Preston's 9/0






Cole's Quixote


Don Quixote

Preston's Little Blackie

JET SET - is a dark red spotted 61" horned son of Bail Jumper and out of a Classic daughter.  The Bail Jumper cross on Butler females is the finest blend found for Bail Jumper.  Jet Set's calves consistently have the show qualities of his World Champion siring father but possess more horn.  Use him to get consistent dark red spotted high quality calves.

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