Reg#: 3947

DOB: Spring 1971

Breeder: WR

Owner: Animal is Deceased

Weight: 1050

Horns: 59-1/2" (age 7)

Measles { WR 2161 { WR 1932 { WR Bull
WR Cow
WR 1052 { WR Bull
WR Cow
WR 2495 { WR 1558 { WR Bull
WR Cow
WR 1598 { WR Bull
WR Cow

MEASLES - would have been the greatest cow ever had she not been overshadowed by her even greater daughter, Rangers Measles. Progeny that carry her genetics consistently develop the small red speckled colors even though they might develop in the adult years. She is the greatest producer ever to be bred by the Wichita Refuge, possibly because of the outcross lineage sires she was bred to. She is dam of Rangers Measles, Measles Super Ranger, Texas Measles, Cheetah, Mr. Measles, Texas Ranger Jr., Etc..

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