Don Quixote

Reg#: T-286

DOB:  1965

Breeder: WR

Owner: Animal is Deceased

Weight:  1670

Horns:  40-7/8"

Don Quixote { WR 1882 { WR 1156 { WR Bull
WR Cow
WR 108 { WR Bull
     WR Cow
WR 1878 { WR 1558 { WR Bull
WR Cow
WR 1593 { WR Bull
WR Cow

DON QUIXOTE - is an all WR bull & by every calculation is rated as the most popular WR bull of all times. He was completely black with a few white specks on his hips. His siring ability has excelled beyond every WR sire of record. He has sired more sons with over 50" horn than any other WR bull.  His most famous son is Don Quintana or Don Abraham.  Only a dozen or so units of semen remain available.    Over 95% of all great pure black or black and white registered Longhorns trace to Don Quixote in their pedigree. He often is the only traceable source of original black in the entire pedigree.

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