Raffles Reg#: 224588

DOB: 4/11/98

Breeder: Joel Dickinson

Owner: Joel Dickinson

Weight: 1950 (36 mo.)

Horns: 57"

Photo Age: 36 mo.



Not Gunna




Texas Star

Superior Symbol

Not Dot


Jet Jockey


Not Enough Ranger






Classic Reflection

Gypsy King



Lei Lani

RAFFLES - is an example of putting all the good traits in one genetic package. His early 52-7/8" horn measurement at 24 months puts him in the top 1% of the breed. Twenty bulls in his pedigree are available in frozen semen. His dark red chocolate spotted color is rich. His very complete, fault free conformation is wonderful. His sire is Not Gunna and his dam is by Senator.

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