Rangers Measles

Reg#: 8238

DOB: 3/31/75

Breeder: Chad Dickinson

Owner: Animal is Deceased

Weight: 1420

Horns: 61"(Measured from tip of good horn to center of head x 2)

Photo Age 17

Rangers Measles { Texas Ranger JP { Two Tone { Phillips Bull
Phillips Cow
Brazos Belle 182nd { Phillips Bull
     Phillips Cow
Measles { WR 2161 { WR 1932
WR 1052
WR 2495 { WR 1558
WR 1598

RANGERS MEASLES - Was credited by many as being the greatest producer of all. Serious Longhorn students argue between her and pasture embryo rival Doherty 698. Rangers Measles was Grand Champion at the Colorado State Fair the only time exhibited. She is dam of Impressive, All American, Score, Tri W Slide Rule, Pencil Pusher (World Champion), Bail Jumper, Emperor, Superior Symbol(dam of Gunner), Sena Me, Sequel, Pring, Whelm Me, etc.. Semen is available on many of her sons.

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