Salida Slick

Reg#: 221452

DOB: 1/1/97

Breeder: Ron Jones

Owner: DCCI

Weight: 1780

Horns: 61-5/8"

Salida Slick




GF G-Man


Colorado Cowboy

Inez of Acampo





EB Perfidia

JR Pristine


JR Rangago



Over Ranga

JR Peanut Butter


Jump Shot

CR Peanuts

SALIDA SLICK - is a very dark brown bull with white specks mostly on the rear quarters. He is very strong to sire the dark minimal white coloration from a mostly white dam. His horn measurement at 35 months was 59-1/8". He was All Age Grand Champion at the "Heart Of The Rockies Show 1998". He is sired by Gun Man by G-Man. His dam is by Rangago by Zhivago. In the May/June 2000 Texas Longhorn Journal, Bunman was rated #1 for "Sires Ranked by Highest Net Value Added". Gun Man sons JR Grand Slam was 6th, JR Seman was 31st, & Gun Man's sire G-Man was 23rd. Salida Slick is believed by many to be the best conformation son fo the newly famous Gun Man.

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