The Shadow

Reg#:  I-215182

DOB: 6/6/91

Breeder: DCCI

Owner: DCCI

Weight: 2050

Horns: 64-5/8"

The Shadow 
Doherty 698 
Classic Reflection 
Alma II
Good Friday
Dakota Kid
Bar M Tornado 5/1 
Dakota 1 
Colorado Cowboy 
Nifty Fifty-Five 

THE SHADOW - is sired by Senator and out of Good Friday.  He has horn tip to tip of 64-5/8" and a total top side horn measurement of 82".  He is a big 2070 lb. black bull possessing excellent hip and great thickness.  He is a beautiful blend of 3/8 Butler plus Ranger and WR.  At DCCI he is believed to be the greatest there is.  More cows will be bred to him than any other DCCI herd sire this year. Use him for black, horn, height, length, disposition, milk, and size.  His best son is Shadowizm.

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