Reg#: 38225

DOB: 4/4/87

Breeder: Darol & Linda Dickinson

Owner: New Age Cattle Company

Weight: 2215

Horns: 62"

Birth Weight: 66 Lbs.

Zhivago { King { Royal Mounty { Texas Lin
Archer #1
Miss Texas Ranger 262 { Texas Ranger JP
     Miss Alamo
Safari B 496 { Don Quintana { Don Quixote
Twisty Matilda
Safari B 119 { YO Samson Boquillas
Baker Safari B 26

Zhivago - is sired by King, out of a Don Quintana daughter. Zhivago reached a mature weight of over 2,200 lbs. with horns tip to tip push over 62".  Zhivago has more bone & substance than any other bull in the history of the breed. His laid-back disposition makes him the favorite pet of any gathering where he may appear. He sires bold horn growth on both his sons and daughters, superior to many other well known sires of the breed. Zhivago's sons are used as herd sires coast to coast. Zhivago adds substance, size & wonderful disposition to any pedigree. His daughters are excellent milkers.  His best known sons are Gizmo & Zigfield.  Use him to add thickness and meat quality with horn.

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