DCC - Fun with Longhorns

After 50 years of producing Texas Longhorns, with a serious dedication to profitability, value breeding, competing, etc. we lose sight of the fun part. Recently a lady called and said she wanted to buy Longhorns. She said this website said nothing about what you do with longhorns, “Just For Fun” -- “Just as a Hobby”. She was right! Here at DCC we create articles, videos and do seminars on how people can be profitable with their Longhorns. We think our clients, like us, do it for the lucrative part of the business. That's not always True! Here is a section on the matchless family fun and hobby part of this unique breed. Not only can they be great fun to own, but you can see they are more fun than any other cattle breed, without a doubt.
Here's Why.

Welcome to the DCC Longhorn Fun Photo Gallery.

Have a smile on your face like the wave on a slop bucket when beautiful women present Longhorn Championship Awards to you. Show your awards to the local road grader driver and he may quit plowing a big ditch by your front entry gate.

Breed your cows to Drag Iron and enjoy seeing the look on your friends face when they see new born calves that look exactly like this famous Horn Showcase Champion daughter Silent Iron.

Raise steers with over 10 foot of total horn. Make your Angus and Hereford neighbors eat their heart out with envy.

Anyone can ride a horse, car, pickup, or a hog. Know the mystic of sighting between 6 foot of horn on a 3 year old DCC steer and riding down main street in the annual parade.

Let Texas Longhorns teach your children to be all they can be. Longhorns are safer than going trick'or treat'n, softer than a sow's ear, and slower than playing in traffic.

Enjoy the personal satisfaction of raising the greatest breed of cattle, and the greatest bloodlines by using frozen semen from Non Stop. Know without a doubt that you are raising truly great cattle.

Teach your children to tame wild Longhorns. A Longhorn steer costs less to purchase than a pedigreed dog. They don't chase cars, poop in the house, eat cats, or bite the mail man.

When your grand kids show up to carve pumpkins in the Fall, make them brand and castrate Longhorn calves first. The calves like attention and it gives the kids a legitimate reason to smell like the barn yard.

Enjoy the fun of raising a 6 year old cow with over 90" T2T horn. Everyone will want to give you a wheel barrow full of money for her. Keep her for your own personal viewing enjoyment and raise a whole pasture of cattle just like her that are also worth a wheel barrow full of money.
Buy all natural Certified Texas Longhorn Beef halves at the Longhorn Head to Tail store for taste, health, and local status. Call in advance to reserve great beef value.

You can spoil your favorite ones with cow candy. This can start a stampede in your direction.

You can attend International Texas Longhorn Association seminars on how to make real money with Longhorns, and have fun at the same time.

Longhorns will put a smile on your grand daughters face worth a million dollars. Longhorn babies are fun and loveable.

Your grand kids will look forward to bottle feeding the calves. They will be at your house all the time.

You can do trail drives right through the middle of huge cities just for fun.

Super Models will enjoy spending time with the cow herd. They don't like sheep, hogs, chickens, or milk goats.

You can milk a cow for your family's health and enjoyment. It's the sweetest milk you will ever drink.

You can stand beside them and watch their horns grow right before your very eyes. Stand Back!

On Sunday afternoon's you can ride your longhorns downtown. The horns don't honk, but you will never have a flat tire.

Kids and Longhorn calves make a great team. Each must learn to trust the other.

You can drive a Longhorn herd under a huge bridge with no damage to the bridge.

Longhorns teach character and responsibility to children better than gold fish, sports cars, or motor cycles.

You can charge people to look at Longhorns. They won't pay to look at Angus, Turkeys, or Herefords.

You can act like a Cowboy and really be one. Even your neighbors will believe you.

Youth Halter showing of Longhorns is growing like crazy. Kids can get high on Longhorns with no hangover or withdrawal pain.

If Texas Longhorns become a bore, or they eat too much, you can eat them. This is something you can't do with a boat, dog, or a hamster.

When they get old, you can immortalize them into a rug and keep them in your home forever. Enjoy the Western luxury of Longhorn hair between your toes the first step out of bed every day.

You can have fun taking great photos. They love to Pose. They like people, especially people with cow feed.

Baseball pitchers like Ross Ohlendorf love their Texas Longhorn Cattle.
Some cows make funny faces. -- Thanks for viewing our "Fun with Longhorns Tour."