Wright Family

Wright Cow - “Wright 489�
Wright Cow - "Wright 489"

WRIGHT cattle are distinctly different from all the others. The old family were nearly all duns, reds and line backs. There was a unique, slight dish face in many. They were somewhat long in body but not real tall. Some had a long goatee like growth of hair hanging from the top inner ear protecting it from tropical insects.

The Wright herd is now managed by Tracy Wright. Prior to that, the late M.P. Wright, Jr. and son Chico enthusiastically perpetuated the herd that was mostly started by his purchase of the Uncle John Webster herd in the early 1900's. (see Dobie's book 1940)

About 10% of the Dickinson Cattle Co., Inc. herd is Wright blood. Wright blood flows in some of the best cows in the breed.

The first cow in the Longhorn breed to sell for over $10,000 was "Wright 489" who was dam of the great "Doherty 698." Later, a Wright cow named Alma II became the grandam of Senator.

Wright cows are extra feminine, very trim necks and straight backs. The combination of Wright female lines with modern popular blend families has produced some of the breed's most valuable cattle.

At one time the historic Wright blood was intensely inbred. To stop this practice, Butler, WR and many other families' bloodlines were introduced to out cross. I personally like the old foundation Wright blood the best.

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Watching a Texas Longhorn give birth is like husking Indian Corn. You never know how God's going to arrange the colors.

Dean Kuper

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Son, always invest in land and cattle. The government can't print more land and a good cow will have a new calf every year.

Frank Dickinson

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