Artificial Insemination Update

This may be the year that more Texas Longhorn cows are artificially inseminated than any other year in history. It is becoming more and more obvious that there are only a few real superior bulls in the industry, and only a handful of bulls sire most of the real high selling profitable livestock in the industry. In the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's, there were hundreds of bulls collected and frozen with semen available for every genetic flavor anyone could possibly desire. As a result of those hundreds of bulls, still only two or three dozens were ever bred seriously to any number of cows. An estimated 250 of those bulls, although they were properly certified and collected, have never been bred to over a dozen cows in the last 30 years. Artificial insemination makes it more obvious that only a few very outstanding bulls really deserve the time and investment it takes to add the extra touch to quality genetics.

At DCCI, we're pleased to have a semen inventory which includes nearly every great Texas Longhorn sire in history. If you're one of those people who want to move forward very fast with the very cutting edge, front running genetics of the industry, artificial insemination is for you. Contact DCCI for your future semen needs. Give your best cow, her best opportunity to produce her greatest calf. DCCI specializes in more sires available with original collections of one owner semen than any other inventory in the nation. UPS shipments are processed daily and delivered right to your door. The cost of shipping frozen bovine semen is more economical than it has ever been. The following bulls include a list of most of the Texas Longhorn sires available at DCCI. Write today and request prices and shipping instructions. This is important. The future of quality genetics depends on serious herd improvement.

Abraham, All American, Bail Jumper, Boomerang CP, Buck Shot, Classic, Cow Catcher, Drag Iron, Emperor, Fielder, Gizmo, Impressive, Jet Set, Juma, King, Lethal Weapon, Lockhorn, Measles Super Ranger, Mile Marker, Not Gunna, Over Head, Over Kill, Overwhelmer, Quill, Salida Slick, Senator, Sequel, Shadowizm, Super Bowl, Super Fast, Tabasco, Tempter, Texas Ranger JP, The Shadow, Trial Run, Unlimited, Victory Lap, Win Win, Winchester, and Zhivago

Additional semen lists are available on Texas Longhorn, BueLingo, Watusi, and Salorn sires. Request information and prices on over 300 bulls available from DCCI.