Signs Of Sucessful Marketing

by: Darol Dickinson - 8-17-18

PEOPLE WONDER ABOUT THE TEXAS LONGHORN MARKET -- Watch all the emails plus Facebook and it appears every Texas Longhorn in the nation is for sale. Interesting -- looking at Angus electronic media, it appears the same way. When Texas Longhorn people are having consignment sales liquidating unwanted cattle, just think, there are millions of Angus and hundreds of thousands sell every month. How about that for total market saturation?

The Texas Longhorn breed is no different than starting a tire store or any other business. Don't be naive enough to think other tire stores are out there working to develop a demand that they can not fill. Each business, to be successful, must put a major amount of work into building their own demand for their own product. It would be nice if the Longhorn associations were developing more demand for breeding stock than the members could raise -- ho, ho, ho -- it ain't so. To make any business work, a demand must be developed for the exact product in the exact same area as it is being produced.

Part of this success may involve convincing consumers that your new product is in some way better than previous inventory available; not just more of the same old inventory with a slightly different tread pattern.

At DCC we are fans of signs. Without a doubt we believe our signs along joining highways have, over the years, directed hundreds of clients to the ranch. We have tested it and it works. We don't believe any association will develop enough market for our surplus products. We believe market development is totally our job to create as much market as we have product. No sale manager or association wants our family to succeed as much as we do.

The wonderful thing about signs is that no other Texas Longhorn producer within 50 miles has a road sign. In a 50 mile circle, people who drive this area see the DCC signs. There are thousands of people within this area and many have land, grass and may have cattle. They are new breeder prospects.

In fact no one has an Angus sign anywhere close -- no Quarter Horse signs -- no Llama signs. If you drive the roads around here you only see our Texas Longhorn signs.

Put up signs along the roads. Don't falsely expect a tiny slice of the internet pie to build your business. Electronic promotion will get less and less effective as millions more people use it.

What if several hundred Texas Longhorn producers determined to put up large cattle signs? What if thousands of people all over the nation could see Texas Longhorn signs every day? Here is why signs are so good. The people driving the highways are living outside the Longhorn sack. They don't get promo emails every few minutes. These are new prospects in the big world out there that need to be thinking about buying their first Texas Longhorns. This is the real target -- the big target. This is a FACT!! Here are some of the sign efforts at DCC.

Signs visible from I-70

5 signs are visible from the I-70 interstate system with over 100,000 viewers per day.

Odd Shaped Signs

A number of these odd shaped signs were placed on the I-70 interstate fence. We were told it was illegal, take them down. We prevailed. Our side of the story was that for the safety of every vehicle, if per chance one of our cows got on the interstate, any highway patrol could easily find the DCC phone number to call, and have the cow captured.

More Signs going up

More signs are going up.

Signs work day and night

Signs work for the business day and night, hot or cold

The Tallest Sign wins

The bigger and taller the signs the better

Any sign helps. The brighter colors the better.

Go build your signs.

Go build your signs. Invite customers to come and start their own herds. Sell the same way as McDonalds, Walmart, Red Lobster and Trump Tower.

Light'em up so people can read your signs at night.

Light'em up so people can read your signs at night.