Miracle of New Life

SINCE 1494, over 500 years, the Texas Longhorn breed has flourished in North America with little or no medical assistance. Millions of Longhorns were born and never viewed by human eyes; perhaps coyotes, buzzards and rattlers, but otherwise unseen. Over this 500 years the most perfect birthing, mothering, and humane delivery evolved.

No breed of cattle calve easier with less pain than Texas Longhorns. This is due to hundreds of years of unassisted births. Do they calve easy, YES, or they died and there would be no genetics today from the deceased ones. Due to brilliant birth perfection, the Texas Longhorn breed is famous for calving ease. Longhorn bulls are purchased for breeding first calf heifers to assure safe humane calving. Many breeds still require birth assistance and cesarean section surgery. Data from the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) of Clay Center, Neb. found a 99.7% unassisted birth rate when Texas Longhorn semen was used on 8 non Longhorn cow breeds.

This Easter season at DCC we pay tribute to the wonderful God perfected Texas Longhorn cow. Now, compliments of Senators Choice, at just a few days before her 15th birthday she gives birth to her 14th calf. Pretend you are in the DCC pasture, it is early morning, the Canadian geese are flying over and birds of all types sing their unique songs:

Senators Choice starts to make presentation. 6:43 AM
Head out
Senators Choice aided by the smooth slick birth fluids and membranes easily starts the slide of life. The calf is designed by natural selection to be shaped for painless exit. 6:44 AM
Half Out
Senators Choice has viewed this miracle of birth 13 times before, but it is still exciting for every "normal" mother. A new family member is on the way. 6:46 AM
Almost Done
She gets up, which aids the process. The second she stands, it drops to the ground, much like a doctor's slap on the fanny. With a gasp. . . . life starts with the first Spring breath of Ohio oxygen. 6:48 AM
Lick Calf
She goes instinctively to the face; removes the tender placental covering so no fresh air would be restricted. 6:49 AM
Love Calf
At 6:53 AM a son begins to test his skills. It is a chilly morning at 35 degrees, a rapid change from his abode origin at 101 degrees internally.
Calf Sucks
It's time for a perfect formula, designed by the God of the Universe. Nothing like a warm breakfast again at 101 degrees a few minutes after a smooth humane birth. The first warm solar rays of the early morning light makes all of life and the future seem more than a miracle. 7:06 AM