The Life and Times Of Ben Dickinson

Ben Dickinson is the ranch dog here at Dickinson Cattle Co. Inc.  He isn't a cattle dog who helps with the cattle, he mostly gets in the wrong place and messes things up.

Presidents have dogs for political  pet lover votes -- Mafia lords have guard dogs -- and most ranches have dogs for some reason.  Ben is trying to deserve his place by assisting in random low-key advisory jobs, part time guard dog, part time varmint hunter, and friend of every kid on the ranch.  About one in ten times, when told to sit, he will sit for a few minutes.  Please allow us to try and explain how Ben serves the ranch in a bipartisan nonsectarian manner. He pays no union dues and has no special job -- he just enjoys life, sleeps a lot, pretends to be a Texas Longhorn cow dog, a coon dog, and eats frequently.

Ben Dickinson

Ben gets in the middle of family pasture checks on cold days to stay warm.  He doesn't like to chase the Honda.  He doesn't smile for photos and has no public relation skills.  He may wag his tail for a burglar, then bristle up and sound like a guard dog to the Amway lady. Ben's thinking is like a lame-duck bureaucrat.



Ben Dickinson

Ben loves adventure.  He is ready for hikes, varmint hunts, catching frogs. Ben offers a false sense of protection, no matter how far the kids go into the ranch brambles and jungle. He won't go for help like Lassie, he won't attack an accoster, but he might become diverted by the trail of a slow-moving skunk.



Ben Dickinson

Ben proudly captures coons.  They destroy grain sacks, trash anything trashable, kill chickens, rip into the pheasant pens, and carry away things of value from the barn.  Coons are a disgusting rodent.  They are a menace to the ranch. In that respect Ben does good, when he is in a coon-hunting mood, when he is not sleeping.



Ben Dickinson

Ben can track down the first deer harvested by Marshall when a good clean shot never happens, that is if he does not cross a fresh bob cat trail during his line of duty





Ben DickinsonBen, of Labrador Retriever blood, likes to climb into a boat almost making it sink.  He circles the boat and unknowingly scares the fish away.  Ben is not a friend to fisherman.  As long as he swims around the boat there will be no fish caught.


Ben Dickinson


When Joel and Marshall are cutting Locust fire wood Ben tries to count the cuts.  He is concerned that the logs will be too long to get into the wood burners.   He is also standing ready when the mice evacuate the hollow logs.  This is part of the reason no one should ever allow a ranch dog to lick them in the mouth --- figure that out?



Ben DickinsonMarshall is driving ranch trucks.  (He won't have a license for years.)  Ben likes to ride with Marshall, but is concerned about his safety.  Although Ben has concern, he helps watch for on-coming cars, watches for cattle on the pasture roads, and occasionally sees a rabbit or varmint that needs to stretch his legs. Ben is a canine driving instructor, who, so far, has not had a crash.


When you come to the ranch to purchase Texas Longhorn cattle, or do a tour in the summer, you will see Ben Dickinson.  Ben is all black (very popular color at this time) and often barks at cattle buyers, even chasing them off.  He dislikes the electric meter man and has him running for his truck at the first bark. However, just pet Ben and speak to him in a loud voice and say .... SIT!  He won't sit, but it makes him think you are in charge. 

Don't let Ben keep you away from the ranch for a visit to see great cattle.  He is all hat and no puppies.  Ben has never bit anyone yet, but works hard to make you think he is the top-dawg at the ranch and running the total show.  Call and make an appointment to select great cattle. Don't let Ben keep you away, no matter what our competitors have told you about him.
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