ITLA Election - 2010

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from Darol Dickinson, 9-3-10, ph. 740 758 5050

This week you will receive an ITLA election ballot. We support the original nominations of the committee. There is an opportunity to introduce some successful business experience into the leadership of ITLA, but it will require your vote. I personally support and encourage you to vote for Roger Hutton, President and Stan Searle, VP. Both are good business people and love the great breed of Texas Longhorn cattle. Both have put their generosity first to benevolently support ITLA financially. Here are some things you may not know about Roger and Stan:

Roger HuttonRoger was born in Kansas and raised on a dairy, near Iola. He worked in the hot hay fields, milked the cows and has a ground-up livestock foundation. When Roger's dad's health failed, the farm was sold, and the family moved to Amarillo. (During the depression, the Hutton family had weathered the storm in Texas.) Roger graduated from the old Amarillo High School where he met Carol. Roger at age 19 and Carol, age 18 were married. Their daughter Jamie was born in Amarillo the following year, and soon after, a son David. Roger and Carol have 4 grand children. The week after graduation Roger went to work as a lineman for South Western Bell. When Jamie was a year old Roger was promoted to management and SWB transferred him to San Antonio. SWB transferred Roger to Dallas where he dedicated 20 years of service in the phone industry. In 1986 Roger started a telecommunications consulting company called Cathey, Hutton & Assts. Since then he has founded a number of businesses, some acquisition mergers and many expansions. CHR Solutions is his main company today with 549 employees. Carol and Roger live at Argyle, between Ft Worth and Denton, Texas, surrounded by Texas Longhorn cattle pastures. In recent years (bought first Longhorns in 1997) Roger is well respected for his great genetics, owning interests in Winchester, Top Caliber and many other well known Texas Longhorns. He has served in a leadership capacity on the Texas Longhorn Heritage Foundation board, an ITLA Director and Executive Board member. You have seen Roger and his granddaughters Delaney and Makena at the ITLA youth shows.

Delaney Grand Entry ITLA Snider Show Delaney ITLA Snider Show Delaney ITLA Snider Show Makena and Cally Cox Pee-Wee ITLA Snider Show Makena - Grand Entry ITLA Snider Show

You will see his next generations competing at the Championship Show with an enthusiastic grandpa carrying the water. Please cast your ITLA ballot for Roger Hutton for President.

Roger HuttonStan Searle purchased his first critter, with his own earnings, 60 years ago for $15. Stan, raised near Yakima, Washington, met Lorna at church. Stan, married at age 21, and Lorna 20. They have 5 children and 10 grandchildren. Stan's training was as a Civil Engineer and evolved into magazine, cable TV and publishing businesses. His TV enterprises were located in Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and Idaho. Stan and Lorna founded the first all Texas Longhorn publication in 1975, the Texas Longhorn Journal. He organized the first Texas Longhorn judging clinic in Denver, assisted in organizing the NWTLA affiliate and the MSTLA, both still going strong. Stan is an approved ITLA judge. He cosigned the first bank loan to purchase ITLA office equipment and signed the incorporation papers to legally begin ITLA. Stan has served as an ITLA director, President, and Lorna has served two terms as a director. Stan is well known for the Searle Ranch Texas longhorns Shadowizm, Winchester and Top Caliber. His annual Rocky Mountain Select Sale is one of the longest running successful registered sales in the industry. Please vote for Stan Searle, ITLA VP and benefit from his many years of experience and dedication to ITLA.

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