Longhorns On Fox News - 10/15/10

Longhorn Cow in NY City With perfect planning Foose Bowl owned by Tom and Julie Markert is comfortably in place on West 48th Street in downtown New York city.

Longhorn Cow and Calf in New York City
The 78" horned seven year old Super Bowl daughter is ready for her most important appearance just before dawn at the Avenue of Americas, NYC.

Longhorn Pair
Larry Gatlin Larry Gatlin, raised in Texas, is ready for the predawn presentation of a special Texas Longhorn cow.

Gretchen Carlson and Larry Gatlin Gretchen Carlson happily received the certificate of ownership of her very own Texas Longhorn.

Larry and Tom
Gatlin left and Tom Markert on the right celebrate a promo effort, viewed by millions, creating a special awareness of Texas Longhorns.

Longhorn Cow and Calf in New York City
The city traffic resumes.  Foose Bowl is loaded and taken back to the pasture.  A major world promotion for Texas Longhorn awareness is complete.  A big Longhorn thank you for Gatlin and all involved.  Only in America and only with Texas Longhorns.  What a deal?

New York, NY ~~ the Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson was somewhat shocked when country entertainer, Larry Gatlin, presented an awesome Texas Longhorn cow and calf to her as a gift.  At 6 AM, live on Fox, Carlson received the TLBAA registration certificate of ownership.  Perhaps just what she wanted, or needed, maybe.
After a series of unusual promo gifts, Carlson said, "I'm NOT riding that!  I'm not dressed for it."
Gatlin's idea had started some time ago.  Carlson had mentioned being in Texas and saw Texas Longhorns, making some comments about being impressed with the breed.  With that for a starter, Gatlin started to search for the right cow.  A promo associate working for Gatlin contacted TLBAA to assist with the project.  Quick action by the TLBAA recommended Longhorn producer Tom Markert of Downsville, NY to supply the critter.  Tom was good to go.
Tom had purchased a really outstanding cow from Dickinson Cattle Co several years ago who had developed a 78" horn spread. The cow, Foose Bowl, born in 2003 was by Super Bowl and out of Zicklefoose by Zhivago.  She had never been to town, much less rush hour down West 48th in front of Fox world headquarters. There were city gawkers, cameras flashing in the early morning light, and hundreds of commuters stopped dead in their tracks at the site of a Texas Longhorn cow and calf munching hay on the New York street. Foose Bowl was surrounded by "suits," Hooter girls eating chicken wings, TV crews and of course a proud Gatlin doing the gift honors.
CMR Nashville reported that Gatlin managed to pull off, arguably, one of the greatest on-air surprises in the history of the network. 
With very little notice, Tom Markert, owner of Foose Bowl, finagled the dually truck and big aluminum trailer into downtown New York by 4 AM.  He was pleased with the deal as he had been offering the cow for sale for $18,500. There was a lot of honking as Tom drove between herds of yellow taxi cabs down the bumper to bumper slow stampede of jammed tight traffic.  Everything had to be in place for the 6 AM live shot and totally prepared in the early pre-dawn.  Complete pen panels, hay bales, water and feed were prepared.  In order to prevent Foose from moving the panels across the street back toward Downsville, two layers of hay bails provided a stable boundary keeper.
Thanks to Tom Markert and his expert handling all went well.  Millions saw the presentation with a red spotted beautiful cow as the star.   And, I couldn't help being proud of the whole thing as she turned around while the cameras were grinding and showed off her DCCI paint brush D brand on the right rib.  Thanks to everyone who made this world wide promotion for Texas Longhorns happen.  This is what makes it work for everyone.........and they certainly didn't select an Angus!
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DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”  

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