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May 18, 2010

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Longhorn Tours ~~ Eighth Season

Longhorn ToursStarting June 1 the eighth season for Longhorn Tours will begin of Dickinson Cattle Co. A number of special features will make the new tour season live up to the expectations of an estimated 8000 visitors this season.

Here is how it works. Ranch guests board one of the ranch buses and ride the range for a 75 minute narrated educational excursion through some of Appalachia's most beautiful scenic hillsides. One of 3 narrators present an informative history of the area, and famous local celebrities of years gone by. Of course the origin of the ranch, and it's unique bovine residents with their pointed appendages is a western history treat.

Longhorn Tours are open to the pubic from June 1 to September 1. Special rates are given for groups of 20 - 40 with the season extended from May to October by appointment. Regular guests include senior groups, special students, excursion buses, families, school groups and a wide range of ages and types of people. In recent years the Longhorn ranch has been very popular for Amish tour groups. Cattle are trained to come right up to the bus by a "beep" of the horn and guests can feed them from the bus windows with special cow candy. Cameras and videos are welcome.

Featured cattle on the tour are Over Kill, a Texas Longhorn bull, Pretoria, one of the largest horned African Watusi bulls in the nation, Moojambi, 85 inch tip to tip horned exhibition white steer, Dip Stick a 2300 lb. Buelingo bull, and, the world famous International Champion Texas Longhorn cow, Jester.

Texas holds nothing on the BUCKEYE state. Jester was born and raised on Dickinson Cattle Co. (DCCI). Nestled in the Appalachian foothills with an abundance of rich minerals in the soil, DCCI has produced many championship cattle. This special cow is the fastest horn growing cow in North America! Large horns are a purity trait of registered Texas Longhorns. Jester is 6 years in May and will be well over eighty inches this year.

Pavilion and tables are available for paying guests. A new wooded park was developed for groups that want to prepare their own meals in a beautiful setting.

Longhorns Head To Tail Store hours are 10 AM to 5 PM each day. For more information on DCCI check For tours by appointment of groups of 10 or more check For other places of interest in Belmont County check

Caption: U2734 Longhorn Head To Tail Tours are now starting the eighth season. Located in the Appalachian Foot Hills near Barnesville, Ohio, the Dickinson Cattle Co. ranch tour buses will slowly stampede through the pastures with hundreds of beautiful Texas Longhorn, Dutch Buelingo and African Watusi cattle. Tours are narrated with historical and educational dialog for the 75 minute "bouncy" serpentine drive over beautiful reclaimed grass lands. For information Do the ranch -- do the tour!

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Registered Texas Longhorns since 1967

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