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The press release below may not appear to effect Texas Longhorn producers, but please follow along and look at the big picture.  Although the highest quality registered cattle can live above the fray, over 90% of every pure breed and 100% of mongrel cattle are not in this category.  Therefore, world beef prices, prices at commercial auctions, prices for retail beef sales then become very significant. 
Large world food factories, world importers and huge US meat processors are at war to control food prices and monopolize ever increasing retail profits. Cattle producers are being politically out-maneuvered in a world trade system.  Governments have been bought to assist in food control.  The government of Brazil is even financing a company to try to take over world meat production and retail sales.
The Australians are working with the one rancher's organization in the US, R-CALF, to develop producer protection against this international greed.  Many governments including the USA and Australia have used all the power they can generate to force mandatory numbering of all animals (NAIS) to gain a dominant food control away from producers.  Governments favor large monopolies over individual producers due to the future eminent need of world food.  R-CALF opposed NAIS.
As this article illustrates, Bill Bullard, and R-CALF, a US organization, have a world leadership roll in protecting the individual rancher, farmer, producer from the dominant raw politics.  Each US producer of cattle should be a member of R-CALF.  A $50 membership makes you a team player to help assure the honorable beef industry has a bright future, not under the harsh control of world politics, OIE, Codex Alimentarius, or the United Nations.  To join R-CALF today, send $50 to R-Calf, Bx 30715, Billings, MT 59107 USA.  Tell them Darol recommended you.

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2 July 2010

Success at Casino Beef Forum 

Mr Brad Bellinger, Chairman of the Australian Beef Association, said today, "The Beef Forum held by ABA at Casino last week was a great success".

Guest presenter Suzanne Solvyns spoke on the affect of the prion diseases such as CJD and variant CJD (loosely known as Mad Cow Disease) and the affects these horrendous diseases have on sufferers and their families. 

"Any politician who witnessed the video footage, presented by Suzanne of patients suffering from CJD, could not allow beef into Australia from BSE-affected countries with a clear conscience," Mr Bellinger said

David Byard from Tasmania spoke about the amount of money the consumer pays for beef, and that the price of cattle has not increased in the last twenty years, while the Supermarkets are making massive profits.

Mr Bellinger said, "I pointed out a few areas that are having drastic affect on beef producers' profitability, including the NLIS white elephant.  NLIS has cost the Industry over half a billion dollars, for no tangible benefit to the Industry.  The undemocratic meat industry structure I also explained, and how corruption and unaccountability have not worked to the benefit of most beef producers".

"We were delighted to have Bill Bullard, CEO of R-CALF USA, as a guest speaker.  He spoke about the similarity of the problems both the US and Australian beef producer faces.  The information he presented included graphs, which were riveting and emphasized the point that by the closing of Canada's borders meant a price increase in price for American beef producers.  He also mentioned the detrimental affect on Industry by having too few processors, which leads to many problems for the producer, including lack of pricing competition", said Mr Bellinger.

Mr Bullard congratulated us in our efforts to prevent the importation of beef from BSE countries and totally supports the ABA's stand on this issue.

As a result of the Forum the ABA and R-CALF have agreed to form a closer relationship, to counter the predatory action of multinational meat processors and retailers controlling the market place.  Cattle producers/ranchers in both countries are experiencing a drop in their share of the consumer dollar as multi-nationals hunger for increased profits at the expense of farming communities.

"We had an excellent roll-up of concerned producers, who went home armed with new information about their Industry.  Attendees offered their full support to the ABA and its policies for the betterment of all beef producers," Mr Bellinger said.



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