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A new birth has just taken place at Dickinson Cattle Co Inc (DCCI) and the result was more than expected.  Twin bull calves are now running circles around the mother who is going crazy trying to hold the family in tact.  One calf to look after is a job and two calves is a bigger job. 
Twin calves are a novel event, but not always without problems.  Often twin calves only weigh about 60% of what a normal single birth calf would weigh. However, they are cute, very cute.
At DCCI twins are not unusual.  Several are born each year.  In 2005 there were 17 sets of twins born, which is not always good.  With the high mineral content in the Ohio soil, fertile cows will grow more than one embryo which leads to multiple conception and then multiple births. 
Some twins are split egg pregnancies which yields two identical twins.  The cow today did not have identical twins.  She produced two separate eggs which were fertilized.
Cow with TwinsIf a cow has a female and male combo twin birth the male is fertile and the female is not.  Cattle are one of the few species that can not produce male and female hormone at the same time and grow a male and female fetus.  Two heifers or two bull calves in twin births are fertile.  Most animals who have multiple births, including people, can master this feat.
This cow gives an abundant amount of milk and can raise one calf to be fast growing and healthy.  When the milk volume is split in two, the calves will obviously not wean as large, unless they develop the skills of stealing from another cow, which often happens.  Most all Longhorn calves are thieves.
At DCCI when there is an extra calf it is offered for sale.  Some find bottle raising a calf to be a great learning experience for the whole family.  Occasionally a cow calves that is very old, crippled or births twins, as in this case.  Depending on the value of the calf they sell from $300 to $800.  People who ask for one to be reserved normally get one within a month -- fob, Barnesville, Ohio.
Only the most fertile cows conceive twins.  Call if you want to be adopted as twin calf's parent. 740 758 5050


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