Great Christmas Gifts
for Livestock People!!

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Tips~~ this is a Christmas very different from years before.  This year, friends will love useful, healthy, profitable gifts, not imported from China, not stuff that falls apart before New Year, but real stuff, Longhorn things, tools that last for ever, healthy food for families, gifts that don't require batteries....take a look.  Order on line or phone.  We recommend......
Fillet of Horn 2Fillet Of Horn II -- No one received this for Christmas last year -- it was not produced yet. It will be the perfect gift and you can order on line, direct from Amazon just hours before Christmas if you enjoy waiting until the very last. The FILLET OF HORN II is a revised version of the hard copy but you read it on an eReader. Recommended to read on an eReader that projects in full color for the real flavor of horn. Order online:

TLCC CalendarTexas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar
$12 pp ~~ 2011 Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar. 
Large 20" X 13" full color with 15 great Longhorn graphics. Check it out!!

 Click here to order Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar

Fillet Of HornFillet Of Horn
$29.00 pp ~~ FILLET OF HORN    The perfect book gift for every Texas Longhorn owner or rancher.
Check it out!!

Click here to order Fillet of Horn

Heat and Serve BeefLHT Heat & Server Grass Fed Certified Texas Longhorn Beef. Check it out!!
$10.50 (1 can 28 oz.) $109.50 (Case of 12) 

Click here to order Beef

DCCI CapGive a real Dickinson Cattle Co cap to the cattle person in your life.  (Wear the camo caps to church if you don't want to be seen sleeping -- wear the bright stars and stripes cap if you want to be sure your preacher knows you attended)
Click here to order Cap

Bry Chute$1350 ~~ BRY LONGHORN CHUTE  -- The new perfect squeeze for large or no horned cattle now available and delivered by Fed Ex right to your corral. 
See the You Tube.  Check it out!!

Longhorn Skull$140 to $850 ~~ POLISHED TEXAS LONGHORN SKULLS --
The smoothest, one of a kind, real, not plastic. 
Some available with registration certificates and photos of living cattle. 
Check it out!!

BeefLHT -- Natural Range Raised and Grass-fed grind is 95% lean. This is a total beef product with the prime cuts included as grind. This is the great nutrition, health and economy product. There is no fat or trim, bone or waste -- it's a 100% food product.
Purchase by the pound or 50 lb. ($3.50 per lb) value boxes. This is fresh frozen and must be picked up at the 35000 Muskrat Rd. Longhorns Head to Tail store, or the plant at Wooster, Ohio.
Click here for more info on beef

Longhorn Cattle For Sale$800 and up ~~ TEXAS LONGHORN LIVE CATTLE --
Give the gift that keeps on calving.  Give a living reproducing Texas Longhorn calf. 
(Not available at Wal-Mart, even on back order)  Check out fresh weaned heifers!!

Steer HideSTEER HIDES, hair on, tanned, use for bull fighting capes, make cave-man style clothing, give as bribes to politicians, patch roof leaks, walk on them, sleep on them, wrap pipes to prevent freezing, not recommended for food products.  Can be used to hang and cover ugly walls.  Check the many valid uses $190 to $375..
Click here to Order Hides
Longhorn CoastersEverything LONGHORN ~~~
Check out the whole LONGHORNS HEAD TO TAIL STORE products at
To make selections easy, consider a LHT Christmas Gift Certificate.  Name the amount. Visa, Discover and Master is OK.

Call if the horn isn't pointing your direction?  740 758 5050  LHT wishes you a real white Christmas.




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DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”