Darol's Birthday

Darol DickinsonOne of the joys of starting my seventieth year this month is the thousands of friends that have come along the trail as a result of Texas Longhorn cattle.  Such were Harv and Bev (passed on) Brandt of Dorr, MI.  I received these emails from Harv the last few days.   We start about 60 people into the Texas Longhorn business every year and have since back in the seventies.  Many start with a few registered females (3 for Brandts) and watch the numbers grow. They multiplied the herd, made improvements, sold quality cattle, paid the bills, and enjoyed eating lean Texas Longhorn beef.  Would Harv do things different?  Not in your life!  And, there are a few thousand good people just like the Brandts, all over the globe.  Happy trails, Darol Dickinson


Oct 5-11~~ Hey Darol
It was twenty years ago on this date in 1991 that Tim and I stopped at Dickinson Cattle Co in Calhan, Colorado and my life was changed forever!
Harv Brandt
Oct 7-11 ~~Thank you Harv, and I hope that was a good thing.
Oct 10-11 ~~ Yes Darol, it was a good thing, more than good in fact.  Right now there are 25 little doggies, every color of the rainbow (J Frank Dobie) running around my pasture.  Sure as heck beats a condo or any other type of living I can imagine.  That's in spite of cold, heat, mud, snow, breach calves, mummified fetuses, scours, TB, Johne's disease, being hung up on an elctric fence by a Diego's Hot Shot daughter and all the rest that goes with keeping critters.

Before Bev passed away last year we had a little time to do some planning, including our head stone.  Our names are on the front and an image of a Longhorn steer is etched on the back.  His name was HNB Jim Dandy and he was a direct descendant of all three of the original cows that we purchased from you in 1991. 
Oct 11-11 ~~ Here's Jim Dandy on the back of our headstone.  A lot of folks thought we had "gone round the bend" as the Brit's say.  Maybe so! 


Registered Texas Longhorns since 1967

DCCI~~~ Purveyor of “one owner” quality Cattle.


DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”  

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DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”