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Jim and Barb Steffler
horns 88" tip to tip.

Jim and Barb Steffler

Photo: L to R. Jim and Barb Steffler with DCCI owner Joel Dickinson, with  the "loot."

World's Widest Horned Cow Crowned Champion

Barnesville, OH -- at the Resistol Arena Complex, Mesquite Texas, October 1, the TLMA hosted the World Championship Horn Measuring event of the year. It was high tension as the widest horned Texas Longhorn bulls and cows were carefully measured, documented and watched by hundreds.

Yesterday the bulls from all over the nation were measured and today, the cows. Cattle are divided into categories related to age groups to make a fair competition of data.

Regardless of the drought, the fires, fuel prices and political discouragement, hopes and dreams ran high -- and rightfully so.

After hundreds of cattle were scientifically measured tip to tip with the utmost of care, one cow, one special cow ruled the nation's herd by being the most -- the best --- Shadow Jubilee. Her 88" tip to tip fought off all attacks from the most competitive Texas Longhorn cattle in the nation.

Last year, 2010, Shadow Jubilee was voted the TLMA World Champion Ultimate Cow with a measurement of 86 1/8". In one year she added another 1 7/8" tip to tip, plus the twist that came at the same time.

Although famous for her record Texas Twist horn shape, Jubilee's 1236 lb. weight and smooth conformation make her quite an eye pleasing full figured cow. Her striking black and white speck pattern is a favorite among Texas Longhorn aficionados.

Questions have been raised as to what Texas Longhorn would win the race for the first 90" cow? Now with normal calculations, it appears not difficult for Shadow Jubilee to break the 90" mark in less than two years.

Shadow Jubilee is sired by The Shadow, bred and born at Dickinson Cattle Co. LLC, Barnesville, Ohio USA. Her striking black Dalmatian spots immediately catch the eye and the cantilever-style spread demands respect from livestock people who understand genetic planning.

Shadow Jubilee produced natural, clone and embryo calves for DCCI ten years and was purchased by Jim and Barb Steffler of Lapeer, Michigan in 2010. She has been used for embryo production for the past year with progeny planned and sold in advance by the dozen. Her special genetics promise to be breed leaders in the Texas Longhorn industry for years to come.

DCCI is breeding several sons and daughters of Shadow Jubilee. Semen is available from a son, a line bred Shadow named "Trial Run."

DCCI congratulations Jim and Barb Steffler, purchasers of the World's Widest Horned Texas Longhorn Cow!

Jim and Barb Steffler

Photo: Shadow Jubilee, horns 88" tip to tip was measured at the TLMA World Championship Horn Measuring at Mesquite, Texas and won the champion award for largest spread among all bulls and cows entered. She was bred by Dickinson Cattle Co. LLC of Barnesville, Ohio and owned by James and Barbara Steffler of Lapeer, Michigan.

Jim and Barb Steffler

Photo: L to R. James and Barbara Steffler with DCCI owner Joel Dickinson with the "loot." Shadow Jubilee was officially measured the widest spread of any Texas Longhorn Cow in history at the TLMA World Championship Horn Measuring event.


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