Over Kill

Field Of Pearls
Field of Pearls

Over Kill as a Calf
Over Kill as a calf

Yearling Over Kill
Yearling Over Kill

2-Year Old Over Kill
Two-Year Old Over Kill

Adult Old Over Kill
Adult Over Kill

On a cold March 31, 2003, an AI sired son of (Over Head) was born to Field of Pearls, at Dickinson Cattle Co Inc, (DCCI) of Barnesville, Ohio USA.  His dam was an International Champion daughter of Fielder.

From his day of birth, he was superior in every way with a striking, bold-spotted color. His genetics had been planned for years. His sire's semen came from Burton -- Stockton Ranches, and now the result was a living, correct, beautiful young bull calf.

As a yearling he was given a full pasture of cows.  He worked for his board from the very start.  Semen was extracted at the earliest possible age.  People who were watching his development closely selected Over Kill's semen to produce brilliantly colored, black spotted calves with straight backs, and a great disposition.

Two years and two weeks after Over Kill was born, his dam gave birth to (Tempter), who today, is the forth widest horned bull in history -- soon to be 82" T2T.

As a two year old his right horn tip was damaged and a visible amount of horn was lost.  His overall development continued to be amazing in size and correctness. His horns grew low, slant-back and twisted.

His sons were selected for herd sires.  Frozen embryos were shipped to several countries.  His daughters won many shows in the US.  His son Smoke's Aces was the All Age International Champion Bull in 2009.

Over Kill developed to over 2100 pounds.  For a correct horn measurement he was taped from the exact center of his forehead to the tip of his good horn, and that measurement was doubled for T2T data. With the make-shift measurement, he is 79", the most of any black and white bull in history.

Over Kill semen has been very popular. It sells for $35 per straw.  He has completed seven natural breeding seasons at DCCI.  He has never been priced, sold at auction, or offered for sale.

During the last days of the 2010 breeding season he suffered an injury with serious damage to his equilibrium. He has been studied by the top veterinarians in the nation and has been x-rayed from head to tail at the Ohio State Veterinarian College. Special consultations have been provided by famous bucking bull chiropractor, Dr. Lewayne Hames of Tyler, Texas.

Over Kill appears aging, but normal. He has difficulty getting up from a resting position. All indications are that he is not able to stand for service, or even stand for mechanical semen collection. He will be cared for in the best and most comfortable way at DCCI for as long as he lives.  For all practical purposes he is retired from any and all responsibilities.  At this time he is available for viewing by his friends and those who appreciate his greatness, at the first stall on the left in the DCCI sire barn.

Semen on Over Kill is $35.  Although his inventory is limited, after 300 more straws are sold, the price will become $50.  He will be used AI for years to come at DCCI.

With a great sire like Over Kill -- it was better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.  Those who use him, love and appreciate his progeny, and will for many years to come. 

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