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As a producer of registered Texas Longhorn cattle for nigh onto 45 years there are many rewarding parts of this life-long adventure.  One, and possibly the most enjoyable, is to provide breeding stock or semen to advancing producers enabling them to make the next genetic leap forward.  This forward move is sometimes costly and slow, however, a fast leap forward is very exciting and if not real costly, that is even more wonderful.

Each year as Spring starts the cycle of renewed life, calves are born and cows are ready to be bred.  At this point Dickinson Cattle Co Inc (DCCI) makes semen available on all their best bulls. Not only available, but at a reasonable price.  Whether it is DCCI bull semen or progeny from cattle purchased at DCCI all is well when our clients succeed. 
Dan JonesThis past International Championship ITLA show at Glen Rose was rewarding to Hoosier Longhorns of Washington, Indiania when their young bull "Fireproof" won the All Age Grand Champion Bull award.  He is a son of the exciting DCCI bull Drag Iron who just crawled past the magic 80" tip to tip mark. Fireproof was exhibited by Dan Jones of Hoosier Longhorns to defeat all comers.  It is a disadvantage to haul cattle from several states away, stress and shrenk them, and still defeat the multipal champions located in the nearby Texas proximity. Congratulations to the Hoosiers.  We are honored to have a small part in this magnicifient young bull's creation.
Leaving Indiana, going way up to the great North West, Rod Maddox of Jacksonville, Oregon has been using DCCI semen on his select herd for many years.  With thousands of bulls around and hundreds available in frozen semen we are always honored when a deliberate and determined fellow like Rod purchases his genetics from DCCI. Seven years ago Rod purchased Mile Marker semen and raised the multipal horn winner "MR  3 Miles Away."  Later he purchased Drag Iron semen from DCCI and has several of those calves in his herd.  This year Rod purchased semen from the new exciting bull Clear Win.  With the use of these 3 bulls we predict the Maddox herd will become the top genetics in the North West. The tools of artificial insemination and the knowledge of how and where to use it is an achievement that can provide great success.
MR 3 MilesThis photo is of the beautiful cow "MR 3 Miles Away" which Rod bred and raised.  She has a young Drag Iron bull at side. Miles Away has the good possibility to blow past 80 inches as she is only half a squirrel's tail away at this writing.
Part of the ability to raise "cream-of-the-crop" genetics is the hard-nosed ability to resist the highest bidder.  These great cattle are prime purchase targets for other people who want to make their own giant step forward.  Rod has gallantly fought off the enthusiasts. However, when you sell the goose who lays the golden eggs the hatch may be skimpy in the future.  Rod has held out and as a result developed a family of Miles Away progeny.  Good decision Rod-never weaken!
Congratulations to Hoosier Longhorns and Rod Maddox.  You are doing the right thing.
DCCI has semen available for other dream-herd developments.  Drag Iron semen is $50. Mile Marker is $20. The sire of Mile Marker, The Shadow is only $25 and the new challenger, Clear Win is still $50. 
Spring is coming. Order semen while the line is short.  Check for semen inventory available
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DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”