To Know The Difference That 35 Years Can Make

Spring is starting.  Calves are popping everywhere.  Soon the year's most serious decisions for registered producers will be herd sire matings, and the selection of semen sires.  When these decisions are made right, a wonderful thing will happen when calves start coming next year.

There is a difference in bulls.  The attached photo shows the most valuable Texas Longhorn bull in the history of the breed, Classic. He was a horn leader and everyone raced to his genetics for his increased horn.  He was 60" T2T before any other sire was even close.  He single handedly raised the bar for horn spreads.  However as things change, today Classic is the main bloodline used to develop the Mini Longhorn Breed. 

 Over Kill vs. Classic
Today when semen choices are made for the 2012 breeding season Classic will not be a first choice for most producers.  Today people want more bright color, more horn and beef conformation that will push the scales down. 
There is good news, those improved genetics are available. At Dickinson Cattle Co Inc (DCCI) every calf has been measured and weighed for nigh-onto 45 years.  Each increment of improvement has been documented and a positive rate of gain for both beef-conformation and horn growth has developed within the 100% pure genetics.  Although Classic was a step in one direction in 1977 the forward progress today is far more awesome.
The attached photo of Classic and Over Kill documents the past 35 years.  With this change of type and style, prices have moved from a few hundred dollars to some many, many thousands of dollars.  Today with frozen semen on great bulls of the breed, producers can enjoy 75" plus horns and major sires maturing to over 2000 lbs.  Now with the better improved cattle commercial cattlemen have no critique about small Longhorns.  They are only small if producers choose to select small bloodlines.
Even with the improved breeding, some highly advertised bulls today still weigh 1000 to 1200 lbs. Some families of cattle have remained at the Classic size and type.  Many TL producers do not own a livestock scales nor make any attempt to know the exact size of their cattle.
If you are making semen purchase decisions, check the DCCI sire list.
You will find several bulls over 75" with over a ton weight.  You can have increased size, brilliant colors and all the horn the law allows.  Over Kill is a complete, consistent bull.  His barn mate right across the hall is Drag Iron, now over 80" T2T and over a ton. Tempter is 83" and standing on a ton.  The young bull Clear Win is 77-1/4" at 34 months and soon to mature at a ton.  All of these DCCI bulls are priced at $50 per straw or less.  Why pay more?  Why settle for less.  Go the proven route to put all the genetic squirrels up the same tree. Call and order semen today.
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