36 Months of Clear Win History

On May 4, 2009 at Dickinson Cattle Co., Inc. a red and white spotted bull calf by Win Win and out of Bowl of Roses by Super Bowl was born.  He weighed only 59 pounds and was no burden for his dam to give birth.  At weaning time he was selected for a herd sire prospect.  That didn't mean he's a cinch as a herd sire, it only meant that he Clear Win 7.5 monthswould be evaluated with all the other DCCI young bulls. He would be watched very closely.
At 7.5 months of age he was weaned, on hull pellets and grass. His horn growth did not appear all that good.

He was correct, had thick bone and a correct structure.  Although he had some funny face markings, his color did not attract any special attention.  He was placed on the Dickinson Cattle Co Inc (DCCI) price list of 2009 young bulls for $1200. For several months not a single inquiry about him was received. 

  Clear Win - 12 months
At 12 months his horns were first measured tip to tip. He was 31.6."
Although he was growing fairly well, his horn ratio was not in the top 20 DCCI bulls.  Soon an increase in horn base circumference was detected. He was then priced at $1500 due to his impressive development, but still no inquiries.


Clear Win - 16 monthsClear Win began to express a mature yet refined look at 16 months.

As he was moving through his mid teen age months and begin looking very complete, yet trim, his price was raised to $2000.  At 19 months, it was past Thanksgiving and his 50" tip to tip had moved him up to the herd 4th place horn slot.  His price was raised to $3600 and still not a single inquiry. During the winter his horns grew faster than any bull in DCCI recorded data. His price was raised to $7500 and still no inquiries. After being offered for sale at $7500 for a few weeks, it was evident that he was becoming very special so he was removed from the inventory sale offering. 

In March his tip to tip passed the 60" mark at 23 months. He was growing to be a thick meat type bull with a very symmetrical head and a huge hip.

Clear Win - 24 monthsThis is Clear Win in his own paddock just before 24 months.

The ripples and grooves in muscle definition are beginning to pop out. At this point it was evident that he was a very special bull with a lot of qualities. 

At 25 months and 9 days of age Clear Win measured 66.25" tip to tip.  This is the most early horn development charted by DCCI for 44 years. It is seldom that an unusual bull like Clear Win comes along, but he must be test bred and considered for great things.  At this point semen was offered for $35 per straw, an introductory rate.  He could be the special bull many have waited a long time for. 

Clear Win - 36 monthsClear Win is soon to be 36 months old. He has a number of calves being born in prestige herds. He is being used for embryo flushes and AI.  Semen is now $50 per straw with no syndicate fees or future obligations to purchase. He will add thickness to most Texas Longhorn herds, plus a very correct straight top line, trim underline and horn base like no other.  His over 78" tip to tip spread well before 36 months places his data over all other bulls at his age. At 25 months his horn base circumference was 18 7/8".

At DCCI it is an exciting time to see his fancy calves and watch his breed leading development.  Order semen today and place this extraordinary sire in your family of special genetics.

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