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November 2, 2012

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New World Champion Bull

Clear Win moves around the holding pen as his record measurements were announced to the waiting crowd. Oklahoma City, OK --- The world's largest horned cattle gathered October 26 & 27, at the Cox Center in downtown Oklahoma City, OK for a serious horn measuring championship -- over 400 of them.  Silver shining trailers filled the parking lots and even special lots were added at the last minute to accommodate.  Dually trucks lined the valet parking of the 6 central hotels, with hay and pitch forks included, parked beside Mercedes, Corvettes and fancy cars that will never endure a gravel road.

The Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance and International Texas Longhorn Association joined forces to stage a 5 ring circus style event like no other in Texas Longhorn history.  TLMA measures horns for 4 different divisions and awards a huge bronze to the best of the best.  ITLA has a more traditional show event.  In the next arena over halter cattle, both youth and adult, are shown and judged on breed quality and beef conformation. A non halter event, unique to Texas Longhorns, is judged with mature cattle moseying around the arena.

The chandeliers were shining, cattle were washed and fit for the contest, the food was awesome, people came from all over, and the cattle --- wow, huge horned cattle as far as the eye could see.  This was the big league!!  No tougher competition could have been dreamed of.

The TLMA World Championship is a horn measuring event with careful detail to tip to tip measurement, total horn, which measures around the curl, and horn base circumference. Measurements are calculated to 1/16th of an inch by a team of skilled, experienced horn masters. This event has built momentum for many years and has great influence on Texas Longhorn market popularity.  In recent years Texas Longhorn cattle have sold for amounts above $100,000, and most were sporting very wide spreads.  An eye on longevity anatomy increases the appeal.

Normally cattle of this breed with a Texas origin, are assumed to grab the spot light -- not so this time.  The young bull "Clear Win" was the World Champion Tip To Tip with 81.25" for Div. III - A. He is a product of Dickinson Cattle Co Inc (DCCI) of Barnesville, Ohio.  While in the especially designed side squeeze chute his base circumference was measured at 19 13/16" and his complete horn (calculated with all four measurements) earned another World Champion bronze, a record for age, a whopping 209 7/16."

Clear Win is 41 months old.  He has been used as a natural service sire by DCCI for two full breeding seasons and is expected to have over 90 calves born on the Belmont County Ohio ranch in 2013.

DCCI raises championship Texas Longhorns and sells breeding stock, semen and embryos to clients who either cross breed for Texas Longhorn virtues or improve pure herds.  Tours of the Appalachian ranch are available during the summer situated on reclaimed coal mine land. High omega 3 lean beef from non-championship cattle is available at the DCCI ranch store.

Today, Clear Win is safely back at his paddock home in Ohio.  As all the beautiful cattle were enjoying the warm Oklahoma weather the devastating Hurricane Sandy was trashing the east coast with powerful wind and rain.  Clear Win is back to the simple life -- deep mud from Sandy, and cold-hard pouring rain on his back, yet still sporting appendages which crowned him World Champion at the toughest competition of it's kind in the world.

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Clear Win gets his turn to quietly be measured by the experienced measurement specialists for a chance at the World Championship.
Caption:   DY 0262.... Clear Win quietly gets his turn to be measured by the experienced TLMA judges for a chance at the coveted World Championship bronze award. His top extreme measurement brought the bronze to Barnesville, Ohio, Dickinson Cattle Co Inc.

Clear Win is a young bull and will continue to lead the field not just for horn, but great beef conformation, size and a sweet disposition. Semen for a limited time from DCCI at only $50 per straw.
Caption:  Y 5358..... Clear Win just won World Champion at the largest measuring contest of it's kind with an 81.25" tip to tip and a 19 13/16" circumference.  Texas Longhorn cattle are judged on beef conformation, traditional longevity traits and horn spread.  Clear Win is owned by Dickinson Cattle Co Inc., of Barnesville, Ohio.

Chad Dickinson of Dickinson Cattle Co is pleased that his bull won two World Championship bronze trophys.
Caption: DY 0304..... Chad Dickinson of Dickinson Cattle Co Inc., enjoys the heavy bronze World Championship trophies just won by Clear Win who measured over 81" tip to tip in the TLMA 2012 Championship.  Clear Win resides at the family ranch, Barnesville, Ohio.


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