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LHT StoreIn 2000 an opportunity to diversify into an all natural beef business was knocked around. With a location in the foot hills of the Appalachians many people raised their own freezer beef. We were advised to lease a front window location in a major mall where there was a lot of traffic. The area was so dedicated to production of a black cow (won't mention the breed) the rumor was that Texas Longhorns were so tough you couldn't cut the gravy with a meat axe.

Well, down a gravel ranch road, not in a mall, not with black cows, a humble store building was build at a cost of $2500.  It was 16' X 20' and housed a commercial freezer and displayed home grown, grass fed, free range Texas Longhorn beef.  The first year 4 steers were sold for freezer beef.  The second year 10. Now, 12 years along it appears 200 steers could be processed just to serve the current clients for next year.

Certified Texas Longhorn Beef passed the "gravy cutting" test and also the lean, high omega 3 and low carb tests. As health specialists recommended lean beef over extra fat meat, demand has continued to increase.

Thank you to our 600 families, for driving down a gravel road to the LHT beef store. Thank you for telling your relatives and neighbors about our quality beef. Now, all of you have caused some good things to happen.

To serve the growing all natural beef clientele, the tiny Amish built store has been moved across the driveway and a new 30' X 60' store is starting to raise from the ground. Local builders, and the family are pouring cement, building walls, moving and transplanting trees, and harvesting trees on the ranch for natural maple and walnut inside walls.

More reports will go out to our all-important 600 families as progress moves along.  You are welcome to again visit the old store, now setting on blocks and continue to purchase our great beef.  The old building will serve until the replacement building is complete. The little building is still loved and appreciated, but things are expanding.  For meat pick up call for an appointment 740 758 5050.

Here are photos of Superior Wall Foundations being placed.


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DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”