Over Kill

Over Kill, the widest horned black base Texas Longhorn bull in history had an accident.  Exactly two years ago, during the course of duties with his 70 cow herd, something went extremely awry.  Although the ruggedness of copulation in brush and rocks, up and down hills, on the side of rough terrain was his normal daily experience, on a certain day he fell backwards during his duties and something snapped in his rear quarters or back. This tough bull of all bulls had major pain.

Over KillOver Kill is over 2100 lbs, possibly the largest Texas Longhorn bull in history.  His show winning progeny were just starting to win at the highest levels including All Age Grand Champion ITLA bull  Smokey's Aces and World Youth Show 2012 Champion Kilo-gram. His 79.5" spread was low and twisted which is most desirable.

Normal bulls would have been promptly hauled to slaughter and this story would come to a sad end.  However, he was and is not the normal generic bull.

Over Kill was taken to Ohio State University Vet Hospital and examined from pole to switch.  In the process of transporting him he got down in the trailer and it took the entire Vet staff to get him jacked up and  mobile. After extensive x rays no bones were identified broken or fractured to cause him to lose mobility in his hind quarters. Nerve damage was a consideration. With no recommendations except to put him down, he was loaded and taken back home to Dickinson Cattle Co Inc near Barnesville, Ohio.  His movements were fine on his front legs, his appetite was abundant, but his hind legs did not function anywhere near correct. 

Realizing the PBR bucking bulls were some of the most athletic and prone to back injuries, the leading bovine chiropractor of bucking bulls was engaged.  After several recommendations of pain killers, time was still his only chance of improvement. After a wonderful career at DCCI he deserved retirement and special care, and that was what he got.  He  got the front pasture paddock, the master suite stall and every possible kindness. 

Each day it would seem near impossible for him to get his hind legs to work.  A year passed and little or no improvement.  A cow was given him summer of 2011 and nothing happened.

Again in June, 2012 when bulls go to the big pastures to do their thing, Over Kill just watched from his special paddock.  In an effort to evaluate any possible progress on July 16 a beautiful twisty horned cow named Super Blade by Super Bowl was placed with Over Kill.  On July 18 it happened!!!  Success again.  Success twice -- with witnesses!! It was a very exciting day at DCCI.

Although there is some risk and much concern, Over Kill has determined he will do his job even at the risk of death.  He will take each up-hill event with caution and care.  His demise could be the result, but it's his call. 

On July 19 Over Kill was placed with 15 cows, who will soon be in a friendly mood.  He is watched daily and has been observed successfully manipulating his special job. He has lost weight as he pushed his skills to the limit to earn his grass.

Over Kill walks or stands for as long as he can.  When he lays down he lays down for as long as possible.  Getting up is still not easy for him.  Yet, day or night, hot, cold or  wet, he makes his rounds.  It is exciting to see this great bull up and going, doing his best -- like an old Olympic Champion, making every day and year count.

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