Two Parts To A Purchase

An excited "possible" Texas Longhorn buyer attends their first TL cattle sale.  One animal strikes their fancy and bang -- SOLD!  A new member of the TL fraternity -- a new producer -- yet a learning curve is on the way.  Here is a special first cow just purchased -- the price is not so high, an adventure is starting.

Sometime in the minutes following the "SOLD", comes the scare of transporting this special purchase.  This can happen in a number of ways, but the new purchaser has never jockeyed to negotiate this service before.  One friendly trucker approaches the buyer and offers to deliver the cow for $3.00 per loaded mile ($3 times each mile from the sale site to the home ranch) and offers quick service.  Another offers to do it for $2 and the fact the home ranch is 800 miles away both offers seem shocking, considering the cow sold for $900.

The two purchase parts are 1) Purchase, and 2) Delivery.

After a producer becomes a seasoned TL buyer, with a trailer always ready, and a new dually truck to pull it, this delivery problem becomes much less of a mental jolt. Yet what about purchasing a special young bull in a distant state or genetics that will blow the lid off the highest quality of your herd?  There is still a delivery issue to plan for.

Several cattle are more economical to haul than just one.  If the cost is $2 per loaded mile and 10 animals share the trailer, that is only twenty cents per mile per cow -- a whole different math.

People marketing cattle successfully are not only cattle peddlers, but cattle movers.  It may be easy to sell cattle, but much harder to get them to the new owner.  It is now time to "think backwards" and have the delivery planned before the purchase.

1) Have delivery arranged before purchase. 

2) Know what the cost will be, or at lease an estimate.

3) Have a boarding backup plan in case the load doesn't depart as soon as you like. Some arrangements take time.

Having dealt with these issues for 45 years, DICKINSON CATTLE CO INC (DCCI) works for the buyer in arranging deliveries.  Sometimes it is complicated -- sometimes easy.  The more you haul the cheaper and easier to coordinate.

Gary Bichsel

In the photo attached Gary Bichsel is pictured loading out at DCCI. His semi has 12 compartments and cattle can be fed in route.  He does many of the DCCI deliveries to the north and western states.  On this particular load cattle were delivered from DCCI to Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, Utah and Idaho.  By gang runs it divides the mile costs down to an affordable cost per animal. Most of these cattle were delivered for around $300 each, depending on the number of miles the ranch was off the main route.

Galen Eberly
In the 36' Ebby gooseneck pictured is Galen Eberly and his new bride Miranda.  His trailer, working out of Ohio, does deliveries to Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and the southeast.  Galen has floating divide gates so each critter or group can have a space tailored to their own size.  He carefully unloads cattle, normally at buyers corrals, for rest, feed and water. There is an art to cattle deliveries -- some haulers are artists and some just throw the paint at the wall.  There is a difference.

Some cattle producers are serious about coordinating delivers for the convenience of the buyer -- some aren't.  Here at DCCI, we are.

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