DCCI Texas Longhorn Bulls - 2014

In days of old it was hard to locate a strong, complete young Texas Longhorn bull.  Either they would be pretty color and not enough horn, or good horn and weak conformation; certain parts were presentable, but not the whole enchilada. Here at DCCI we have worked on the whole enchilada, the combination plate, the royal buffet, I mean the whole dynamite package!

DCCI wants to provide your next young fresh herd sire. Take a look at the 2013 young bulls below on the ranch site at:  https://www.texaslonghorn.com/inventory/index.cfm?con=Inv&Category=Bull-2013&BreedCode=T
Check the 2012 bulls at:  https://www.texaslonghorn.com/inventory/index.cfm?con=Inv&Category=Bull-2012&BreedCode=T

Sweet Iron by Drag iron

Wet Back by Rio Grande

Lots Of Wins by Winchester

Respect Win by Hunts Command Respect

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DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”  

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DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”   DCCI Brand - “Paintbrush D”