Buelingo Sires

Clear PointPOWER GAME — He was 758 lbs at 205 days BIF adjusted for a two year old dam. Current weight 2245 lbs. He is the best BueLingo bull ever raised at DCCI. He is very imperative to the DCCI BueLingo program, and now for the entire breed. His growthy calves confirm his meat siring qualities. Use him for proven carcas quality and efficient gain. He is sired by Fun And Games and out of Extra Fin by Extra Value.

Drag IronDIP STICK — Is believed to be the most consistent easy calving sire at DCCI. He is recommended for all first calf heifers. Although his own birth weight is 74 lbs, his average progeny birth weight on two year old heifers is 64 lbs. His dam, Orisular is 1200 lbs. He is recommended for registered Buelingo or non belted use for a high percentage of correct belts. He is sired by Cycle Progress and out of Orisular by Circular by Ultimate Circle.

Clear WinYARD OF FUN — You saw his calves place well at the BBCS Championship show, and several producers have progeny from him. He was the leading sire of the V-3 Roland Vernon herd until purchased by Dickinson Cattle Co. Use him on non belted cows to get belts, use him on registered cows for red belts, use him to get polled calves, and trust him for moderate to small birth weights. His 2275 lb masculine structure makes him a bull with a major amount of size combined with a humane birth size. He is sired by Yard Dog by Garfield of FX. His dam is H & R Delite.

Clear WinSCARLET KID — He may be the top red belting BueLingo sire. He has a long pedigree of consistent belts, low birth weights and rapid gain. He is a half brother to Power Game yet red. He is sired by Fun And Games and out of One More Cycle by Cycle Progress. Use him to eliminate dairy conformation in BueLingo progeny.
Clear WinGRAPHIC PROGRESS — Is the ultimate Buelingo sire. He combines the elite type of Cycle Progress, his sire, plus the beauty and style of his dam Calligraphy by Dakota Marshall. Graphic Progress is recommended for belting both registered and non belted cows. He is extremely trim fronted with a huge hind quarter. He has the true Limousin shape and the flamboyant Buelingo color. His dam weighed 1500 lbs top weight. Birth weight 72 lbs. This is a family that gives the small birth weights and large weaning weights. He is sired by Cycle Progress and out of Calligraphy who is by Dakota Marshall .
Clear WinCYCLE PROGRESS — Is an outcross bull sired by one of the most famous Limousin sires of all times, Wulf’s Polled Progress. Wulfs Polled Progress was a breed leader in easy calving, carcass quality and maternal EPD values. (Wulfs Polled Progress was discredited in the Limousin industry for calves with random white markings.) Cycle Progress is homozygous poled. He is not recommended for non belted cows. He is thick, very gentle and his calves are trim fronted with perfectly straight tops and huge Limousin hind quarters. His birth weight was 72 lbs. He is sired by Wulfs Polled Progress and out of Dingular who is by Circular and out of Dingo’s Trader by Dingo of FX.

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