ORVTLA 18th Annual Texas Longhorn Show

Wooster, OH -- The Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Assn. 18th annual Texas Longhorn show was staged at the Wayne County Fairgrounds at Wooster, OH, July 18 under the careful planning of President Andrew Morris of Malhonding, OH. the ORVTLA is an affiliate of the International Texas Longhorn Assn.

Registered Texas Longhorn cattle sparred for championship awards with 56 International Texas Longhorn Association approved classes offered. Contestants came mostly from Ohio, but also several from Indiana, Michigan, Texas and Kentucky.

Judge for the show was ITLA approved training judge, Lizz Huntzberry, of Smithsburg, MD. Huntzberry also judged the International Championship show in Oklahoma City in 2014.

Unique classes included early starters "Pee Wee" classes, Youth Halter, Open Halter and Non Halter. Unlike other breeds, ITLA shows are popular for the Non Halter classes where cow/calf pairs, exhibition steers and all ages of registered cattle show freely in the show arena. Unlike traditional shows where cattle are clipped, trimmed, placement corrected with show sticks and especially fitted, each animal is judged casually in the arena. Judging evaluation takes into consideration poise, disposition, mothering ability, travel, as well as all other points of purity and conformation.

The crowd in attendance was believed to be the largest of the previous shows. President Morris has already contracted to use the Wayne County Fairgrounds again for the 2016 event.

The All Age Grand Champion Non Halter Female was Sweet Kookateu, a 2009 daughter of Drag Iron, owned by Kirk Dickinson and exhibited by Dickinson Cattle Co, LLC of Barnesville, OH. The All Age Champion Halter Steer was AA Clever Oliver, a 2009 steer exhibited by Gail Beach of Huntington, IN. The Grand Champion Halter Female was Candy Cane Crystal, owned by Luke Merrick. The Grand Champion Halter Bull was HHF Judge Baron, owned by Double H Farm. The All Age Grand Champion Steer was Shawnee KCC owner Kimble Cattle Co and Brice Chaffee.

To be a part of Ohio's fast growing family of Texas Longhorn producers those interested are encouraged to join ORVTLA. Become a member. Contact secretary Martha Sherer, 419 756 8369 or shererwood@centurylink.net

Clever Oliver was the choice "friend" of kids during the ORVTLA show. He entertained as the bigger than life ambassador.

Sweet Kookateu was the All Age Champion NH Female of the ORVTLA show.
She is owned by Kirk & Linda Dickinson and
exhibited by Dickinson Cattle Co. Barnesville, Ohio.

Texas Longhorn Cattle shows have a special division for all ages to be shown
Non Halter with no manipulating by the owners.
This is an honest and fair way to judge cattle.

Doug Burris and Sarah of Dickinson Cattle Co exhibited the DCCI entries
and every one was judged first place and or All Age Grand Champion.

Thanks to Dale Starr of Lancaster for providing photos of the
Wooster Texas Longhorn Show.

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