Longhorn Producers Educational Day

June 18, 2003

Barnesville, Ohio, USA- June 7, Longhorn and BueLingo producers converged at Dickinson Cattle Co. LLC (DCCI) for a unique "customer appreciation day".

During the past two years 225 clients have purchased cattle from DCCI, and, according to Joel Dickinson, ranch owner partner, "We wanted to plan a day that would assist these special people to maximize profits from their cattle. We crammed every kind of demonstration and speaker into the day that would professionalize management."

Bill Mummert of Gettysburg, Pa. spoke on Niche Marketing of All Natural Lean Longhorn Beef. Tim Kimpel of Roseville, Ohio spoke on Grass Finishing for Increased Beef Nutrition. Jim Palmer of Elizabeth, Pa. spoke on the rapid growing Longhorn Beef Stick Industry. Darol Dickinson of DCCI spoke on "Educating the Herd".

Although heavy rains previous to the event minimized pasture cattle viewing, the DCCI ranch buses took tours all day to see the famous herd.

Demonstrations of procedures used at DCCI included bloodless/humane castration, do-it-yourself hoof trimming, fire branding, tail bleeding, weaning blabs, and of course a Longhorn Bar-B-Q Brisket complimentary lunch with all the fixings.

DCCI clients in attendance were from Texas, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Kentucky, Illinois, West Virginia, Indiana, Virginia, and even Costa Rica.

DCCI is a family owned registered cattle ranch operating in the Appalachian hills of Ohio. They run up to 1400 breeding cattle and are known for producing numerous famous herd sires in the three breeds they raise, including African Watusi.

Printed in Barnesville Enterprise June 10th, 2003

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DCCI Serving line. Everyone enjoyed the Longhorn brisket and the fixin's in the guest pavilion.

Ranch Bus Tours were available for every guest all day.

The Longhorn Store offered several reduced prices on popular items for the day.

Kara Dickinson finds a friendly lap of Richard Blew to sleep during the Tim Kimpel speach.
Humane bloodless castration is demonstrated by Joel and Dave.
Jim Gallagher purchased Shakey Shadow during the DCCI Customer Appreciation Day.
A specimen group of Super Bowl calves were displayed. Also Overhead and Winchester calves.

Heavy eaters included Bill Farson, Dave Miller and two Deputys to keep Bill in sight.
Front Row L-R, Kirk, Linda & Joel Dickinson. Tracy Sekely with her birthday cake. Standing Darol Dickinson.
Bar-B-Q Longhorn brisket was served. Jim Sekely on left and speaker Tim Kimpel on right.

Joel Dickinson, Greg and Dave Starr demonstrated hoof trimming with draw ropes.
Joel & Kara Dickinson Weed eat prior to the Customer Appreciation Day.
Kara Dickinson rides her first Longhorn and steals the crowd away from Jim Palmer, speaker.

Registered Texas Longhorns since 1967

DCCI~~~ Purveyor of “one owner” quality Cattle.


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