June 18, 2003

On June 7, 2003, a memorial service was held at Dickinson Cattle Co. LLC, Barnesville, Ohio for the nationally famous black Texas Longhorn bull "The Shadow". Cattle breeders from eleven states and Costa Rica attended the service conducted by Dr. William Mummert of Gettysburg, Pa. It was a private service held for invited guests only. Eulogies were presented by friends of "The Shadow", Martee Searle, Calhan, Co.; James Palmer, Elizabeth, Pa; John Muir, Shrewsbury, Pa.; Richard Blew, Bridgeton, NJ; Robert Snyder, Columbus, Oh; and Dave Miller of Tunnelton, WV. The following obituary was read by Dr. Mummert prior to his message.


On June 6, 1991, in the year of our Lord, a 64 pound dark red bull calf was born to the blue roan and black speckled cow, Good Friday. And a Good Friday it was.

This little bull was born on Dickinson Cattle Co. LLC Vasquez division south of Calhan, Colorado. As the bull developed his red color shed off to become a very dark brown color that looked black from a distance.

In the Fall of 1991, Timothy McCullum of Fresno, California purchased Good Friday with this special calf along with numerous other registered Texas Longhorn cattle. He was transported to California where he grew up eating California wild oats in the live oak dotted rolling hill sides.

As he matured, the huge body and great massive horn spread become known in the Longhorn industry. He soon weighed over a ton and had well over 64 inch tip to tip (t2t) horns.

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The Shadow Memorial service. The Shadow Memorial service.

Left to Right - Jim Palmer, Martee Searle, and Bill Mummert. Left to Right - Jim Palmer, Martee Searle, and Bill Mummert.

When Dickinson Cattle Company Inc. (DCCI) heard about him, saw photos of his wonderfully correct conformation, a deal was struck to purchase him back. Immediately, the DCCI truck was dispensed. Kirk Dickinson, owner of DCCI, drove to Fresno, California, did the health tests and bought The Shadow early spring of 1997. He was delivered to DCCI and semen collections were abundantly captured.

“The Shadow” in prime condition. “The Shadow” in prime condition.

Only invited guests were in attendance. Only invited guests were in attendance. They were from eleven states and Costa Rica. It was a private service.

The Memorial stone was placed near his paddock just in front of the DCCI office and guest apartment. The Memorial stone was placed near his paddock just in front of the DCCI office and guest apartment.

A huge memorial stone was etched for “The Shadow”. A huge memorial stone was etched for “The Shadow”. It was a hand chissled foundation stone from the 1790 stage coach stop on the ranch.

    At first, his name was "Veep" as in Vice President. His sire is Senator. The name of "The Shadow" became his official name. He was registered in the International Texas Longhorn Assn. as #215182. He was AI Enrolled at ITLA #1041. An i.d. number was designated for his registration of 50/1 but no hot iron ever touched his glistening black hide.

His first large group of calves arrived spring of 1998. Although optimistic, no one realized how much really huge horn, body and conformation would be the result. At this time, many feel The Shadow is the leading Texas Longhorn sire in the nation. Many of his progeny are black, brindles, and dark subtle colors.

Due to The Shadow's dedication to successfully making his rounds, his life was plagued with injuries. In 1999, he punctured his right front outer toe and it had to be removed. This ended his breeding of that year. As he carried his weight on the left front leg, arthritis began to pain him in future breeding seasons. Special pain medications were used daily to keep him in service. In late Summer of 2002, his left hind toe was broken completely off, ending his career. Only his right hind leg was undamaged, which began carrying most of his massive weight. On April 24, 2003, he departed this life.

Semen has sold for $25 per unit. It is believed more of his semen has been distributed than any other Longhorn bull of the last decade. At $25 per one half cc straw, his semen is actually valued three times higher than gold per ounce.

At the time of his first toe amputation, he was featured on Paul Harvey news. During the different periods of medication, he became a perfect patient. He allowed himself to be treated by picking up his foot without any restraint. No one could ask for a better disposition.

The Shadow is survived by over 800 progeny, and up to 1100 siblings, including more notably: Shadowizm, Coal Smoke, Shadow Savvy, Shadow Rula, Shadow's Reflection, Critic, Black Shadow, The Most Wanted, Prickly Shadow, Shakey Shadow, Shadow Sniper, Mile Marker, Highway Man, Texas Tornado, Shadow Thorn, Shadow Sequoia, Shadow Jubilee, Shadow Blue, and Shadow Pueblo.

His beautiful skull will be polished and retained perpetually by DCCI on display at the Longhorns Head to Tail Store, Barnesville, Ohio.

Semen will continue to be available from The Shadow. He will live forever in pedigree, and his progeny, who will continue to be born annually as a result of the miracle of frozen semen.

Psalms 112:9c ".......his horns shall be exalted with honor."

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