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March 10, 2007

Great livestock genetics are much easier to produce if the foundation is a solid base of high quality stock. To start this memorial in honor of WINCHESTER, we must first recognize his dam Sadie Sam, All Age International Champion, Louisville, Ky. She is a daughter of Not Gunna out of a Senator daughter.

Just 16 days before Sadie Sam was 4 years old she gave birth to a son who weighed 63 lbs. He was selected to evaluate for a herd sire. At 8 months of age he was offered for sale at $1800. No one noticed any special attributes so he remained at Dickinson Cattle Co with the other young bulls, just hanging out. When he was a year old it was the opinion of his owner, Joel Dickinson that he was a special prospect and should have a unique distinguished name. He was not named after his sire Gizmo or his grand sire Zhivago---he was named Winchester.

Winchester's first public appearance was the International Championship Show at Lancing, Michigan. Before his class the owner and Joe Holland tried to stretch his horns to be longer for the judge. They did their best, but no visible expansion appeared.

Nicole Bates (her first Longhorn show) exhibited Winchester to win International Champion of his division. Several wanted to purchase him. The show judge offered $25,000 for him. Ron Jones, who owned Gun Man, wanted to purchase him.

Spring of 2001 Winchester was really developing. He measured 60" at the age of 24 months and 10 days. He was placed with a herd of 60 cows in June of -01.

As a breeding bull Winchester received no special care or feeding. He spent his Summers in the limestone Appalachian hills near Barnesville, Ohio at DCCI.

At age 3 Winchester is pictured with the cow herd in breeding condition. This photo was selected to represent him on post cards distributed nation wide.

Soon his offspring started to reveal striking qualities. His son Victory Lap skillfully carries on the Winchester unique tri-color progeny with smoky, chocolate, black and brindle colors. Victory Lap semen is available in New Zealand, the USA, and Australia.

At age 4 his horns pushed over 70" then 1 1/2" broke off putting him down to 69".

Winchester Calendar CoverHis casual repose from full service with 75 cows was captured and used for the Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar cover.

Win Win, a son, with excellent type, (frozen semen available), shows the same striking profile of Winchester. Other progeny like Rose In the Wind was International Champion 2006. Check Winchester progeny

Winchester has established his mark on the DCCI herd forever Winchester Posterand many other herds with his frozen semen and export of frozenembryos. Now his Ohio job is complete. He has been purchased by Searle Ranch (he will serve in Colorado in the Summers), Cloud 9 Longhorns and Triple TLonghorns (he will serve in the Winter in Texas) DCCI congratulates these 3 ranches for their taste in buying the great Winchester.

For semen and progeny of Winchester contact Dickinson Cattle Co. Check the ranch site for cows bred to him. His sons and daughters are for sale. Some huge specimen horned steers are available also.

We respectfully thank and congratulate the new owners of Winchester. He is the only Texas Longhorn bull to have over 70" horns T2T and also weigh over 2000 lbs. Winchester is what the future is about. Watch for information on him in issues of the ITLA Drover Magazine.

Sadie Sam
Winchester's Mom - Sadie Sam

Winchester 8 months
Winchester at 8 months

Winchester First Show
Winchester's First Show

Nicole and Winchester
Nicole Bates & Winchester

Winchester 24 months
24 months & 60"

Winchester in Brush
Summer with the Cows

Winchester Pasture Condition
Age 3 - Postcard Photo

Winchester - 4 Years old
Age 4 after breaking horn

Winchester Calendar Cover
Calendar Cover


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