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January 19, 2005


        Washington, D.C., is the site of major celebration as the big gala erupts with unique excitement of every kind. The Marriott Wardman Park Hotel is transformed into a Texas party paradise. Leading up to the swearing in of George W. Bush as president, the Texas State Society in D.C., stages the Black Tie & Boots bash, which adds flavor to festivities that the east coast is not normally accustomed to.

        In all, six semi trailers loaded with props and equipment from Texas have rolled in to the hotel. This is the fourth Black Tie & Boots extravaganza produced by Ward & Ames, and it is the largest ever.

        Entertainment includes another truck load of such as Lyle Lovett, Van Cliburn, etc. The attendees list catapulted to nearly 20,000 due to a well-liked Texas President.

        So popular is this event that 4500 tickets sold out in a mere 45 minutes at $125 per head. Some think that is a bargain for a full night of serious buffet food, drink and entertainment.

        Among the contents of one trailer was a huge Texas Longhorn Steer shipped east for the party. He was raised by Dickinson Cattle Co. LLC of Barnesville, Ohio, trained to ride, and is a special star at the Black Tie. Promoters of the largest celebration event in the capitol city wanted the flavor of Texas to be just right. The twelve year old steer has been here before and was so popular an encore performance was requested. "Buttermilk", the steer is trained to stand motionless while the Washington elite carefully place themselves on his back just long enough for a fast photo. During the different performances he is expected to be mounted by over 2000 people. Tonight he is in the Grand Ball Room of the Marriott, doing his thing with statuesque perfection. Buttermilk is over a ton in weight, a plus 6 foot horn spread, and the star of the show.

        His owner Ralph Fisher, La Grange, Texas, hauls Buttermilk coast to coast for high dollar poses in a special trailer loaded with other Longhorn assistants.

        The highlight of the evening is when President George W. Bush stops by for a brief greeting. Although the Marriott Main Ball Room only holds 5000 the closed circuit television will broadcast the program to hotel guests and media connections.

        Security is extremely tight here in the city, but Buttermilk doesn't give a flip. He thinks everyone likes him, and they certainly do. He is totally bipartisan, and that's not easy in this city.

* * *


Caption: Buttermilk, the Longhorn Steer, provides a seat for Midland, Texas, TV 9 News during the Black Tie & Boots Bash tonight in Washington, D.C.

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