November 10th, 2006
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Shadow Jubilee

Barnesville, Ohio----The 17th Annual International Texas Longhorn Association (ITLA) Championship show was held in Harrisonburg, Virginia, October 19-21. The high point Texas Longhorn cattle from shows in the USA and Canada were qualified for this final championship contest of the 2006 season.

ITLA shows are in three divisions, the Halter, Non Halter and Call of the Horns. The Halter division is much like other cattle shows. The Non Halter division is a very honest cattle presentation with all entries loose in the arena competing in their normal casual stance. (No one is allowed to shape or move entries with show sticks, halters, etc.) The Call of the Horns is a contest of the tape measure which brutally removes human evaluation and lets only the exact numbers place the class.

Call of the Horns is a tip to tip analysis straight across the horn spread measuring the greatest distance from point to point. With eagle-eye measuring the judges will always agree to within a 1/32nd of an inch.

Texas Longhorn cattle are evaluated for horn spreads as one sign of purity. The small horn is less appealing and the largest, widest spans are the elite of the breed. Although other areas of conformation, size, muscle, substance and frame are important, the horn is the historic appraisal for purity.

The 2006 event's widest horned, Call of the Horns ITLA winner was Shadow Jubilee, a six year old cow raised and exhibited by Dickinson Cattle Co. Inc (DCCI) of Barnesville, Ohio. Her tip to tip was an astounding 79 1/8" measurement, with numerous distinguished witnesses.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Chairman, US Committee on Agriculture was closely observing the measuring process with his able assistant Harrisonburg Mayor, Rodney Eagle. The NBC Channel 29 News camera captured the record for all to see.

No Texas Longhorn cow in history has measured over 79" at age six in ITLA show records. Joel Dickinson, an owner of DCCI believes, "Shadow Jubilee is the first Texas Longhorn cow to have a shot at going over 90" during her life."

The record during the ITLA Championship was not a surprise to the owners. Shadow Jubilee had provided a cell sample for clone replication earlier in the year. Fifteen DNA duplicates of the Call of the Horns Champion are in recipient cows for March and May births. This new process of scientific reproduction is being used by livestock owners of the very highest quality genetics for herd improvement.

Shadow Jubilee resides in the Appalachian foot hills near Barnesville with the DCCI cow herd. She is just another one of the herd to the other cattle, but a serious record holder to the owners and those who appreciate really outstanding quality in the Call of the Horns division.

Caption: Shadow Jubilee, owned by Dickinson Cattle Co. Inc of Barnesville, Ohio was the longest horned cow measured at the 17th Annual International Texas Longhorn Association Championship show in Harrisonburg, Va. Her record was a horn spread of 79 1/8" tip to tip at only 6 years to win the coveted Call of the Horns Champion.

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